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Judd Nelson as Robert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yabobubble-39578 9 / 10

Intense, Deep, Raw

Constructed the way a brain might actually process conflict, trauma, and transition, this film seethes with the dark side of emotion, allowing the viewer to become embroiled in each character's turmoil. The experience is effectively uncomfortable, an ultimately triumphant effort providing insight to perspective outside of one's own while bridging that gap with the familiarity of both feeling stuck and being jarred. Family rifts, mental illness, and the search to understand and accept oneself are intertwined through visual and aural art style unique to the filmmakers, breaking new ground. It is like nothing I've ever seen, and I hope to see much more from this team.

Reviewed by stoner_bud 9 / 10

A visual delight, amazing soundtrack, breakout performances

Listing all of the reasons to check out the indie drama would take longer than if you just trust me, and go watch it. Spend the time you would have used reading this to discuss the film afterwards, because you are going to want to talk about it. The sights, sounds, and performances from 1/1 will flash into your consciousness for weeks to come. Stop reading this, gather your most interesting friends, turn out the lights, crank up the speakers, and enjoy 1/1.

This film is so finely layered that it's complexity seems effortless and natural. Each element on its own would be reason enough to check out this movie. The cinematography is so beautiful that I could happily watch this flick on Mute. The soundtrack is absolutely worth purchasing and listening to on its own. The performances are so solid that you could watch 1/1 as a play. The editing is tight with a tense pace. The script has such a light and subtle touch, you'll swear it was adapted from a poem, or maybe a song.

Everyone involved in this movie needs to work more. How can you watch 1/1 and NOT want to cast Lindsey Shaw in EVERY movie? Hollywood, put her in more movies! And Judd Nelson steps up to the plate and reminds us why he is a household name. Judd turns out a very powerful, tortured performance. The director, the cinematographer, everyone here has a bright future, and I cannot wait to see what they make next.

Reviewed by youknowmeihateeveryone 8 / 10

Not a waste of time

I like weird stuff. Give me some Lynch, Noe or Jodorowsky and I'm a happy camper. This isn't quite as surreal (or as good) as those masters. It's a descent into drugs and meaningless sex. It's well made. Performances are terrific - Judd Nelson can proudly throw his fist in the air for this one! Better than Beastmaster.

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