3-Headed Shark Attack


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.6 10 2717

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Danny Trejo as Max Burns
Jena Sims as Dr. Laura Thomas
Jazy Berlin as Polly
Karrueche Tran as Maggie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by manishsharma-70195 1 / 10

Best movie to watch with Friends !!!

This movie is so awfully awesome that i promise you if you are gonna watch it with your friends you will really love it. I think it's better if i don't give any spoiler ahead. Believe me you won't be able to predict any thing in the movie. The shark gets killed in the most awesome way and i bet you won't be able to predict it. Guess what the shark eats it's head out and dies.Yeah you heard it right. This movie has really solved the quest regarding how to be safe from shark. The safest place is sea itself. Even if you are on the land get yourself in the water if you see a shark. Spoiler ahead ! to really understand this movie you must know something about quantum mechanics ,Yeah they have used it. Sorry for the spoiler even if i promised not to tell anything.

Reviewed by suite92 1 / 10

50% better than 2-Headed Shark Attack.

The Three Acts:

The initial tableaux: First snapshot: We see the monster in the first few minutes. We start at some sort of ocean-side resort where we have a skinny dipping dare. Right in the middle of this, the 3 headed shark attacks and kills a woman, then three men.

Second snapshot: Maggie starts as a new intern at an oceanographic research station, The Persephone, a big chunk of which is underwater. The station is placed near the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to study the effects of garbage on the ocean ecology. Persephone aims to join forces with special interest groups to help save the planet. While on the initial tour with one of the special interest groups, Maggie meets Greg again, whom she knew in undergraduate school.

Delineation of conflicts: The 3-headed shark is hungry, and eats people, while the people would rather go on living. Persephone staff try to keep people safe, but the shark has other ideas. After the shark destroys the station, a few survive and escape on a small boat. Max Burns diverts the fishing expedition he's leading to try to help. The shark diverts to attack a booze cruise ship.

Resolution: Will the booze cruise be saved, or will clichés be enforced?

Reviewed by Pat Berg 10 / 10

Reviewers miss the point

This is the perfect bad movie. Horrible plot worse acting .I love this. Watch in groups for a perfect drinking game who dies next.My favorite line professor" the shark is chasing the pollution from larger boat", girl on her first day stunningly giving orders " what do you mean" professor " it's making the shark insane" girl "oh no". That's it that's actual dialogue.later in movie while the shark is a large (for some reason paddle wheel) metal boat they all start screaming for life boats. Later while in a boat with they talk about about where to got to be safe the girl who is now in charge says go to this island I saw earlier today it's to only land around its are only chance, but, while she is saying this in back of her you see land covered in trees no more 200 yards away through the whole scene. This could have the been the first movie directed by a blind person if so sorry for harsh review but dude make more movies soon. Way more stuff in this awesome movie to enjoy. Look I do not want to rip someone else's review but, if anyone thought this was going to be , insert your favorite movie here, you should seek help. Two more things 1. The shark gains three heads 2. There unfortunately will be people who believe that this is real or this could happen. Junk science is evil, hopefully this film won't win a Nobel prize for science.

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