A Lesson In Cruelty



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Justin Lebrun as Julian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JGReviews 9 / 10

Bold Indie Satire

A Lesson In Cruelty is a bold indie satire. It's one of those comedies that really goes for it where performances are intentionally big and over-the-top, and that's where the laughs come from. The plot involves a jerk of a boss -- something I'm sure we all can relate to -- who has a party thrown for him, but the intention is to actually teach him a lesson. I thought it was a great story and I was immediately hooked. It's an indie film, so it might not have the perfection of a big Hollywood studio film with a gigantic budget, but I was actually really impressed with the film's production value. The lead actor, Justin LeBrun I believe is his name, also gave a very convincing performance. If you're looking for a big and bold film that doesn't hold back, then check out A Lesson in Cruelty.

Reviewed by Australian1 2 / 10

Being generous!

This is rubbish! I can't believe anyone would rate that any higher even if they were blind and deaf!

Reviewed by skye-richards 1 / 10


I am all for satirical, dark humour and a character being ironically funny because they are just genuinely an awful human being. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) in The Office (US) is a perfect example of being arrogant but done in such an endearing way that it is hilarious.

It's not that Julian (Justin Leburn) was purposely written to be so awful that your hatred for him drives you to want to know what happens to him like a revenge horror/comedy style movie where you're rooting for his demise. This movie just isn't funny or enjoyable in the slightest which leaves you not caring at all.

Julian (Justin Leburn) is just so badly portrayed that within fifteen minutes of the movie I just wanted to give up. It's like when you go to a high school play and a badly acted villain is so smug and overly unpleasant that it saps the humour out of the whole performance and makes the audience cringe.

Often when this happens there might be a character or two who save the perfomance by being atleast half decent at acting, but none of them were. This movie doesn't provide any comic relief. I felt like I was watching Horrible Bosses meets Julius Caesar but with Asylum Films (Sharknado) level acting and random Cujo references. But not done in a "so bad, it's funny" kind of way, it was just plain frustrating.

My advice - keep away.

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