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Jennifer Morrison as Katherine Stern
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cazmor 3 / 10

Oh dear....

As a fan of both Jennifer Morrison and Karen Gillan this a serious let down, filled with never ending cliches it is slow and mostly awkward.

The script is predicatable and maddening in its slow pace, Gillan manages to outperform her character, Morrison seems lost where Fugit seems resigned to playing Alex a character of such low intelligence it's a wonder he knows which side of the bed to get out of.

The comedy is so light it misses almost every mark, with many of the scenes merely cringe worthy.

Without the performance of Gillan and small glimpses of the Morrison we love, it is hard to sit through the film in it's entirety.

Reviewed by AhmedMw2 7 / 10

Unexpectedly funny !

I am not big fan of romantic comedy movies but i gave this movie a try bc i love jennifer morrison i kept low expectations but surprisingly i found this movie fun and entertaining . The acting was good . The writing was decent . was fun !

Reviewed by welsh_chick-67910 2 / 10

Don't waste your time.

I will be honest, i only watched this film for Jennifer morrison and even she couldn't save my interest from declining from this film. First they could have cut this film to 90 mins easy, it was way to long. How this film can be classed as rom com is beyond me. I think i laughed twice and romance what romance!!! Save yr time on this one and don't bother!! Even if yr a big fan of any of the actors... its not worth it!

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