Arctic Dogs


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family

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James Franco as Lemmy
Jeremy Renner as Swifty
Laurie Holden as Dakota
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 4 / 10

Ok, but missing some magic.

It's good to see other compAnies doing animated movies other than Disney, but watching some of these flicks you can see why Disney is on top. The animation on this was weak. I don't know how much the movie cost, but I would assume that the animation studio may not have had the technology budget to make it flow. It felt very stiff. The music was very lackluster. You could possibly make up for weak animation with a good score but they did not have enough of one going through the movie The story had no quality to it, which may not have been that big of a problem if the characters where more interesting. This is a combination of the weak animation and the voice over cast that had some big names who seem to be phoning it in for a paycheck. I know I'm saying a lot to discourage people from seeing this. In reality it's not a bad picture...of your renting it at home for your kids to see. It has that Disney formula but they need to add more sugar.

Reviewed by williamgraves-87914 1 / 10

When the cold brew hits, I'm a nomad

Famed and acclaimed animated film director Jeremy Renner really knocked it out of the park with his new furry movie. The film is so good that it makes me cry. Swifty's story is relatable, and also very comical. I especially like the bird (voiced by James Franco) he made me LOL. Alec Baldwin works so well as the expertly crafted character P.B. (His name stands for polar bear because he is a polar bear) the love interest is so fascinating because she is a fox, just like the main protagonist (he is voiced by Jeremy Renner) is that the guy that plays the Falcon?and also she is hot! But watch out, because the Walrus is the bad guy of the movie (HES REALLY SCARY, DONT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THIS) all in all arctic dogs is fun for the whole family

Reviewed by trinaboice 1 / 10

A disappointing snore

This is Entertainment Studio's first animated feature. Directed by Aaron Woodley, this family-friendly movie is a BIG snore. The animation isn't very good and it's hard to get very excited about package deliveries. With a protagonist who has no redeeming qualities and an extremely boring, nonsensical plot, this disappointing movie is one to skip.

The voice talents include Jeremy Renner, Heidi Klum, James Franco, John Cleese, Anjelica Huston, Alec Baldwin, and Omar Sy. Those big names must be where all the budget for this film went. There isn't much texture or detail to the animation. We have been spoiled by excellent animation from Pixar and Disney for years. What a brilliant way to save money on animation...make a white fox in the snow so you only have to draw eyes! Ha ha Most of the humor just isn't very funny. No charm. No warmth (and I don't just say that because it takes place in the Arctic.) None of the characters are particularly inspiring. I like Jeremy Renner, but sadly, his character is a douchebag for most of the film. Walrus with spider legs?

The ending is just a frantic mess. The rest of the movie is just boring and bland. The plot makes no sense. Why would they need dogs to deliver the mail when there is all kinds of technology around them, as well as a big, strong bear who could have done it. This animated universe is just bizarre with no thought put into it. There are some adorable puffins, although they looked more like tropical Toucans from the Amazon jungle. Unfortunately, they're just not funny, especially considering they're supposed to be the equivalent of the entertaining minions in Despicable Me.

This is a perfect example of a girl settling for a guy WAY below her. She's so far out of his league. What a terrible role model for your daughters. This movie feels much longer because it's so bad. You'll find yourself looking at your watch or cell phone. It also feels like a movie that should have gone straight to DVD or Netflix.

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