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Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 30279

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Luis Guzmán as Bystander
Elizabeth Peña as Marisa Esteval
James Le Gros as Goon #2
Wendy Schaal as Pamela
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 5 / 10

*batteries not included

In 2017 I was having my 30th birthday, and I thought, what better way to celebrate than to watch a number of films also turning 30 years old, this was one I heard a little about, so I hoped it would be good, produced by Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg. Basically in a dilapidated New York City, East Village apartment building, the tenants of the block are being forced to move out by the owner of a nearby property development, Lacey (Michael Greene), so it can be demolished. Elderly couple Frank (Hume Cronyn) and Faye Riley (Jessica Tandy) manage the apartment building, and the café below it, tenants in the building include artist Mason Baylor (Dennis Boutsikaris), pregnant single mother Marisa Esteval (Elizabeth Peña) and retired boxer Harry Noble (Licence to Kill's Frank McRae). Some of the residents are tormented by Lacey's thugs, led by Carlos (Michael Carmine), the assault convinces them to move out, including Mason's girlfriend Pamela (American Dad's Wendy Schaal) who is tired and advises Mason to quit being an artist and find a steady job, and the Riley's friends Muriel (Jane Hoffman) and Sid Hogensin (Tom Aldredge) who are bribed by Lacey and move to a retirement home in New Jersey. Things look bleak, with Frank thinking of giving in, and Faye's dementia growing, until the appearance of of a pair of small living space ships descending during the night, repairing many broken items as they fly around. In the morning, Frank is amazed to find the vandalised café repaired, putting him and Faye back in business, Faye was the first to see the two aliens, the other residents follow her to see, they take residence in a shed at the top of the building, the residents dub them "The Fix-Its". The Fix-Its scare away Carlos, then Faye and Marisa learn the female alien is pregnant, after consuming many metal and electrical objects, it gives birth to three baby Fix- Its, but one is still born. Faye buries the stillborn, but Harry digs it up, takes it to his apartment, and successfully revives it, taking apart his precious television set, while Frank and Faye have an increase of business, including from the demolition crew, the Fix-Its assist in the kitchen. Mason and Marisa grow closer, Mason feels better about his art, and Marisa's baby is due in 2 to 3 months, musician Hector (Charles Raymond) is the father of Marisa's child visits her, but leaves quickly, with a steady gig in Chicago, Marisa tells Mason their relationship was not working out, but she has developed feelings for Mason, and vice versa. Carlos is unable to prove the existence of the Fix-Its, Lacey is furious with the delays and moves to replace Carlos, in anger Carlos breaks into the building's basement and sabotages the building's pipework and electricity, badly damaging the "father" machine in the process. The residents discover the Fix-It children are missing, they search the city for them, while Faye stays with the "mother" and fixes the "father", when it is repaired the Fix-It parents search for their offspring, they are found with Harry, the reunited machine family then depart from the planet. Tired of the delays, Lacey's subordinate Kovacs (John Pankow), an arsonist, attempts to burn down the building in a staged "accidental fire", Carlos sees this and sabotages the plan to make the entire building explode, but Faye is trapped inside, Carlos manages to rescue her as the fire spreads, the other residents return to find the blazing building. The next morning, the apartment block has been reduced to a smouldering wreck, the construction crew, in respect to Harry, refuse to continue working, to Kovacs' fury. Harry is greeted by the mechanical family during the night, who have recruited countless other Fix-Its for repairs, by the next morning, the entire building has been seamlessly restored to brand new condition. In the end, Lacey's demolition plans are forever cancelled, Kovacs is terminated, Mason and Marisa settle into a relationship, Carlos tries to start a friendship with the Rileys, Faye finally accepts her son has passed away, and some years later, the apartment building still stands, surrounded by bigger developments, and the café has a roaring trade, with new employment brought into the area. Also starring John DiSanti as Gus, MacIntyre Dixon as DeWitt, Doris Belack as Mrs. Thompson and Luis Guzmán as a Bystander. Tandy, Cronyn and the other actors give nice gentle performances, the script is based on one of the episodes of a TV show called Amazing Stories, it is sort of a retread of elements from Cocoon, the special effects are reasonable, the plot very simple, it doesn't quite have the magic of other films about alien creatures making friends with humans, but it is something all the family can warm to, an average science-fiction fantasy. Worth watching!

Reviewed by generationofswine 10 / 10

An Honest Review

This was a family film in the '80s and...whatever happened to legit family films? I remember going to the movies to see this and then renting it when it came out on VHS and....my mom liked it as much as I did...and my dad liked it as much as I did.

And as an adult today I still like it for reasons that are not entirely nostalgic...it's a great movie.

Now I take my nephews to a family film and...I discover it's a kids film. It deals with purely childish things and...even they are a little bored with them sometimes. Once they grow out of the "paw patrol" stage in life.

"batteries not included" was actually deep enough to hold interests. It had things for children and adults with a theme that both age groups could like...All age groups could like.

You don't get that anymore, like Hollywood assumes our collective IQ's have fallen and that anything not made for rugrats will traumatize a child over 5.

Watch it with your family...and then feel horrible about what entertainment has come to

Reviewed by moonspinner55 2 / 10

"This is the '80s, Mason, nobody likes reality anymore!"

Fairly dreadful 'old-fashioned' fantasy, representing the tail-end of both the cute old folks-cycle and the cute alien beings-cycle, has an ethnically-diverse group of residents in a New York City tenement that's been marked for destruction gaining help from two intergalactic beings--his and hers miniature flying saucers. Opening with a blast of jazz music and a montage of 'vintage' photographs (both fraudulent), this noisy, cluttered film, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, is an overachiever. Lost somewhere between "Cocoon" and "E.T.", it never finds an appropriate tone--although its aim is to be weepy-eyed whimsy, with both wet eyes firmly on the box office. *1/2 from ****

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