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Johnny Galecki as Stingo Wheelie
Peter Capaldi as Gareth
Burt Reynolds as General Newton
Andrew Lawrence as Kevin Langley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 7 / 10


When they let Bean be Bean, it's entertaining, because Rowan Atkinson is one of those performers that can't NOT be funny, no matter what he's doing. He's always good for a laugh, even if the film isn't so great. Not the ideal vehicle for showcasing his talents, but it has enough funny moments to overcome the weaknesses.

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 6 / 10

Mr. Bean finally come to America: It was truly a disaster movie. Still, it was pretty funny.

As a kid, I love Mr. Bean. This movie directed by Mel Smith was my first glimpse of the Rowan Atkinson's character and I thought it was hilarious at the time. It was one of the first British shows, I saw as a kid, since were hard to come by, in the U.S at the time. When, I finally got hold of seeing the show, I found out that most of the skits in the movie were recycled from the TV Show such as the turkey joke from the 7th episode of Mr. Bean, 1992's 'Merry Christmas Mr. Bean'. Another joke is the Mr. Bean popping a vomit filled bag is from 1992's sixth episode 'Mr. Bean Rides Again'. Even my favorite jokes like getting bored on a fast ride is from 1993's ten episode 'Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean' & the mishap with the painting is similar to 1990's 'The Library'. I was deeply disappointed to find these out as I thought these jokes were made for the movie. So I felt bad for European fans who thought they were getting something new with this 82 minutes movie, only to find out that it just a bunch of recycled jokes from the show. Still, this movie is still watchable, and I find myself time after time, watching its crazy humor. Bean: The Movie is about Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) who works as a London museum guard. He is about to get fired. However, the big boss mistakes him for a great art critic and sends Mr. Bean to America. The Gallery entrusted him to unveil the priceless painting, Whistler's Mother to the American Art Gallery in Los Angeles. In America, Mr. Bean stays with David Langley (Peter MacNicol), the man in charge to make sure no mishaps happen during the unveiling. What we doesn't know is that the man, he's in charge of taking care of, is a complete moron. While the original choice, Steve Martin couldn't play David Langley. Peter MacNicol did an amazing job as the straight man in the gags. I love his reaction to every calamity from anger to despair. There is something comical coming from him. My favorite is David reacting to the painting. That had me dying laughing at the floor. Also, it didn't hurt to see a cameo by Burt Reynolds as General Norton as he was given some good one-liners. About Rowan, he strikes me as one of those comedians that you either completely love or completely hate, because how annoying clumsy and mean-spirited, Rowan is as Mr. Bean. The humor was pretty childish with a lot of gross slapstick humor, but nothing too bad for the children. It was rated PG-13. One of the biggest complain of the movie from fans is how Mr. Bean speaks intelligibly, albeit with apparent difficulty, as opposed to his frequent mumbling in the TV show. In my opinion, I thought it was alright. Although he has very little dialogue in the film, Mr. Bean's expressions and antics are priceless. One thing, I love about the film is the soundtrack. The film's original score was by Howard Goodall was great. The film score is utterly beautiful, and I think it's underrated from music fans! It's way too good for this film. Other non-original songs were also featured, in particular The Beatles' "Yesterday" sung by Wet Wet Wet and OMC's version of Randy Newman "I Love L.A.". The movie had some pretty good smart, in depth emotional scenes, that was surprising from a silly comedy. Get the DVD for a lot of delete scenes material that is also pretty hilarious. Bean would later get another movie in 2007, Mr Beans Holiday, which was a little truer to the original series, but this movie is far better than that movie. This movie is just flat-out fun. I think Peter MacNicol's character, David Langley sum up the film for me. I don't know what to say about Bean. He is clearly a force ten disaster area, but God help me, I like him.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

Big budget and more of a plot do NOT make for a better Bean

I love the old Mr. Bean television show. It's just plain funny. Mostly because the show does NOT rely on expensive props or fantastic situations--just Rowan Atkinson showing off his amazing talent with very little assistance from others. In fact, his supporting actors are more props than anything else--someone to help further along the skits and that's all.

Mr. Bean, the movie, though it far different. Instead of the barest of plots and sets as well as incidental actors, everything is forced into a REAL plot with more $$$ thrown into the effort since it is a movie. In effect, though, the whole chemistry has been upset and it is only a pale imitation of the original. No, some big exec thought it would be wonderful to spend a lot of money and force Mr. Bean to be rather conventional. Yes, some of the old gags are there, but they just seem forced--the energy is all missing.

So, if you hate this movie or found it to be only exceptionally average, join the club. BUT, do not make the mistake of assuming the TV show is equally bland. Grab the DVD set and give it a try--only the biggest curmudgeons alive wouldn't find them great entertainment.

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