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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Domino6145 7 / 10

Little Known History

I read a good review in the paper. Since my mother and her family grew up in Benson Arz. I had a personal interest. I taped stories by my grandfather about his early days in Arizona but he never mentioned this part Of history. He was there when it happened. He worked in a mine and later on the El Paso & Southwestern Railroad. Perhaps he was embarrassed to talk about it.

I thought the movie was very well done. The towns people made good actors. The story was a real human Interest story. It was so wrong to deport the striking miners. My today's standards it would have been a huge crime. According to my grandfather Southern Arizona was rough quite lawless. Vigalanties and Gun fights like Hollywood movies have depicted for decades.. I am sorry this movie did not get wide Coverage.

Alan K Weeks

Reviewed by Turfseer 6 / 10

Historical re-enactment of 100 year old deportation in Arizona town proves lugubrious but still worth a look

Bisbee '17 is a documentary with unusual subject matter. Director Robert Greene has set his historical tale in the backwaters town of Bisbee, Arizona, where a little more than 100 years ago, specifically on July 12, 2017, a tragic event took place.

On the above date, approximately 1300 miners affiliated with the then perceived radical union the Industrial Workers of America, were placed in railroad box cars and deported by the sheriff and a large number of deputized townspeople to the desert in New Mexico, with instructions never to return to the town. The miners, many of them immigrants, never did return to Bisbee but descendants of family members (on both sides) still reside there.

Greene filmed the re-enactment of the deportation 100 years to the day it happened, conscripting locals to play different parts on each side of the political spectrum. I didn't see much archival footage (perhaps not much exists); in place of such footage are the re-enactments of the events leading up to the deportations of the miners, culminating in the victims being herded into box cars at gunpoint.

Greene interviews his "players" who are largely divided as to whether the deportation was both just and necessary. Some current townspeople are of the opinion that had the miners not been deported, there would have been mass casualties as the striking miners were being egged on by dangerous radicals. On the other hand, others view the event as a tragedy, clearly illegal and unjustified. Greene suggests of course that there are parallels to what's going on today, with the Trump Administration's aggressive approach to enforcing immigration laws.

While Bisbee '17 represents some fairly interesting material, it simply goes on for much too long. I would say if the film was 30 minutes shorter, it would have been much more effective. Greene drags things out with his re-creations and we get the whole point early on. Was it necessary for the town to go to such lengths to commemorate an event that happened so long ago and didn't result in any actual lives cut short? I would say no. Instead of "exorcising demons," this was simply an opportunity for the townspeople to basically entertain themselves along with the intrepid filmmakers.

Bisbee '17 is worth a look despite its lugubrious pacing as it proves to be fairly interesting and educational subject matter.

Reviewed by vardawoman 10 / 10

Fabulous movie!

Set in Bisbee, Arizona, this film both documents the Bisbee Deportation as well as residents' views today. The town of Bisbee was ripped apart by the deportation, and 100 years later it is still divisive. This movie may not only tell this important story but also, finally, provide the town with some healing.

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