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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mungflesh 8 / 10

A bold and bloody release from Blumhouse

Bloodline contains some scenes which, even as a hardened horror fan, are somewhat shocking. If you've seen Maniac (2012), then be prepared for another mainstream actor to surprise you with his dark choice of movie.

Seann William "Stiffmeister" Scott plays a cold and brooding father whose recently new born baby, and the reptitive sleepless nights, awakens his need to kill. But how long can his nocturnal activities go un-noticed by his family ... ?

The movie has strong performances throughout and a twist or two to spice up a simple plot. An exceedingly dry undercurrent of dark humour complements the violent kill sequences, not entirely unlike TV's Dexter, but never interferes with the edgy mood in this slick, dark gem.

I saw the NC-17 version at FrightFest and have heard that this version is not the one going to be screened in US theatres.

Reviewed by roger-99-171599 8 / 10

Impressive serial killer thriller! Top Notch performance!

Provocative, extremely gore and surprisingly original, producer-turned-director Henry Jacobson's first feature film is a top-notch revival on the killing-protector genre. Seann William Scott delivers his most compelling performance, completely taken by the psycho elements of his character. He plays a High School counselor and young father, whose sleepless nights and meditations on his students' terrible experiences with abusive fathers, turn him into a serial killer targeting parental issues. Carrying a mysteriously ambiguous relationship to his mom, he puts down one by one, venturing the nights as an out-of-control defender. Intense and terrifying, it's a masterly crafted debut.

Reviewed by olesd 2 / 10

Pretty Dexter Rip-Off Devoid of Purpose

Sean William Scott desperately struggles to avoid being pegged as 'the funny guy' by dressing up in a dark edgy coat, darkly and edgily murdering people, and not smiling. He's not acting either, but that doesn't seem to matter to many people nowadays so long as the expression of someone is inscrutable. This is a direct Dexter rip off to a ridiculous degree. He's a father and councilor instead of a forensic investigator but the method of killing is roughly the same (torture and murder of a tied up victim) and his victims are all sketched so broadly as deserving of death their slaughter is not emotionally investing at all. It would be one thing if, like Dexter, Evan here had to contend with avoiding being caught or maybe had some form of guilt about how his lifestyle would affect his loved ones. Luckily that drama is replaced by nice camerawork, bold colors, a thumbing synth score and some admittedly top notch gore effects. There is zero suspense here. Every problem is solved by violence. Nobody ever shows regret or the chance of change. It's not quite nihilistic though: luckily the writers/director are so self-righteous they can tell you flat out who deserves to die horribly. You're a racist? A junkie? Rude? You should die and nobody will ever care. How very 'contemporary' but also childish and not the least compelling. The twist is ludicrous, telegraphed, and predictable. Hitchcock already knew that when you make a 'story' about a bad guy that bad guy has to either be in trouble, danger, or conflicted. Doing none of these things leads to even the splatter becoming stale.

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