Casualties of War


Action / Crime / Drama / History / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 39298

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Sean Penn as Sgt. Tony Meserve
Michael J. Fox as Eriksson
John Leguizamo as PFC Antonio Diaz
Ving Rhames as Lt. Reilly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sddavis63 8 / 10

A Brutal Depiction Of A Brutal Event In A Brutal War

It seems to me that the ultimate moral of this story might be that in war everyone is a casualty in some way, shape or form - even those who are never wounded and stay personally above the brutality. "Casualties Of War" is a depiction of an actual (and sickening) event that was first reported in the New Yorker magazine in 1969 in which a squad of American soldiers kidnap, rape and murder an innocent, young Vietnamese girl.

The two main protagonists in the movie are played by Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn. Penn is Meserve - the sargeant in command of the squad who develops the plan for the kidnap, rape and murder. He represents one type of casualty - a kid, promoted way beyond his years, in a situation he should never have been in, watching friends and comrades dying on a daily basis, becoming jaded and unfeeling as a result. You feel no sympathy for his character, but you recognize the tragedy of his character - and of the other members of the squad who let themselves be pulled into the plan. Fox, on the other hand, is Eriksson - the squad's conscience. He knows this is wrong, and he refuses to participate, even trying to help the girl escape, only to be derided and ridiculed by the others as either a coward or a homosexual. After the girl is killed, for no real reason, he reports the incident to his superiors, only to hear repeated variations on the theme "let it go. War is war." This is probably Michael J. Fox's most powerful movie role ever - a definite change of pace from the teen-oriented comedies that had made him famous. He's also a casualty, of course - haunted forever by the sickening scene he had witnessed. And of course, there's the real casualty - the young girl dragged out of her home and away from her mother who endures a nightmare before being killed.

This is most definitely a powerful, disturbing and brutal movie that definitely makes it point.

Reviewed by carlson_7 10 / 10

Excellent Vietnam movie

What a movie!!!Not for the faint- hearted.It depicts the ultimate inhumanity of war.Michael J Fox is superb of the supreme cast.I believe such incidents unfortunately occurred.After watching the film,I was revolted by the way the Vietnamese young woman was treated by the American soldiers.May there never be another war.It was a relief to see the soldiers involved received the punishment they so rightly deserved.One realizes the complications of being in the armed forces.It is no wonder that so many returning soldiers suffer from Post Traumatic Depression.It makes the issue of being drafted deplorable.Soldiers should only be involved in a war by volunteering,not being drafted.

Reviewed by powermandan 10 / 10

Goes Way Beneath The Surface of Animals In War.

Casualties of War will probably go down as the most underrated war movie ever. Maybe it isn't as good as Saving Private Ryan or Full Metal Jacket, but Casualties of War really isn't far behind it. What makes this hated by some it its subject matter, but in some cases you have to look past what is happening and apply the general circumstances to other things that may happen in other places. Do this with Casualties of War, and you see exactly why it is so good.

Michael J Fox abandons his comedic charm as Private Ericsson, a newcomer in the Vietnam War. Some people say that Fox was wrongfully cast and ones that did not see this were unsure of how he could pull off such a serious role. He may not be funny, but he is still like a little like he was in Family Ties. The role of Ericsson needed to be a young underdog, so casting Michael J Fox was good.

As a newcomer to war, Ericsson quickly sees how scary battles can be. Luckily, his loyal platoon has his back 100%. The leader of the platoon is the insane Sgt. Meserve, played disturbingly well by Sean Penn. Most war movies focus on how war changes people for the worse, ultimately turning them into sadistic killing machines. Meserve and some other members of the platoon personify the different levels of this, ranging from scared to animalistic.

Just as Ericsson begins to question why he is there, the platoon kidnap the most beautiful woman in a Vietnamese village and aspire to use her as their sex slave. Ericsson and Diaz (John Leguizamo) want no part of it, but Ericsson is the only one willing to stand up to his men. The rape is briefly shown, but all the implications and extreme fear in the girl makes the movie disturbing enough. Ericsson is bullied for his refusal and he eventually tries to help her escape. It eventually leads to her extremely brutal death that is heartbreaking. Ericsson is haunted by the events and is determined to prosecute the men that protected him but murdered her.

Yes, the movie deals with a soldier trying to stop rape. I saw it as a young man who was faced with a dilemma to stay loyal to the men that protect him and his own country, yet preventing such barbaric acts. It is about a man who must go against the crowd for his own principles. The torn loyalty could be applied to many different real-life situations, not just war.

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