Conduct Unbecoming


Crime / Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 595

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Christopher Plummer as Maj. Alastair Wimbourne
Richard Attenborough as Maj. Lionel E. Roach
Stacy Keach as Capt. Harper
Michael York as 2nd Lt. Arthur Drake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ragosaal 7 / 10

Definitely Underrated Film

"Conduct Unbecoming" is a sort of thriller settled in a British regiment in colonial India. The widow of a heroic officer is assaulted by an unrevealed comrade in arms and an investigation takes place.

In my opinion, though not a classic and not even perhaps a great movie, this film is a most interesting product for those of us who enjoy "who did it?" movies. It takes place in a most original environment and its substance increases with subjects like military honor, loyalty, camaraderie and cowardice.

The cast is perfect and another highlight in the film with very convincing performances from Trevor Howard (as usual), Cristopher Plummer, Richard Attenborough, Michael York, Susanah York and always reliable James Donald in a minor role.

I'm sure that with a more imaginative and strong director than Michael Anderson (Stanley Kubrick, John Frankenheimer just to name a couple), this could have been a great film, nearly a classic).

But nonetheless, "Conduct Unbecoming" stands as a fine piece of entertainment in its genre and surely is worth a watch.

Reviewed by baskethilt 10 / 10

Very worthwhile!

Certainly excellent acting by an excellent cast. Its only boring if you don't understand the time, place and principles. This is hard to do in the 21st century. Honor, loyalty and comradeship are rare commodities today, not really highly valued or understood. That makes this film all the more worth watching and pondering. To be a common man in a position of such infallibility is beyond imagination today, but such were the colonial British in the Victorian era. I find this story absolutely fascinating and Stacy Keatch's performance as the only American in the film one of his best. Acting, writing, directing and beautiful color, I loved it. I'm grateful its finally on DVD.

Reviewed by kiskaloo 8 / 10

A forgotten film.

I saw this film when I was 12 years old, I was besotted with Michael York (still am) and an elderly aunt took me to the cinema. We both enjoyed it although, she admitted she was not sure how much of it I could understand regarding what happened to Mrs Scarlett. It has never, in the near 40 years since it's release it has, to my knowledge, never been on British TV. Why not? It is much better than many films they do show, especially from that era of British films in the 1970's and it was only by buying the DVD I was able to see it again after such a long time. I was not disappointed either, yes, it is basically a stage play that has been filmed, but, the performances are excellent all around. Stacy Keach pulls off one of the best British accents by an American actor. It drew me in and held my attention throughout, sadly, the very end is done weakly, but, that is a small complaint. Time for it to be shown on TV methinks

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