Demon City Shinjuku


Action / Animation / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 2288

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sabre_Wolf 10 / 10

Classic Horror Anime

I watched this a long time ago in the days of VHS and I loved it because it told a great story and the characters were interesting. And this is among the favourites of Yosiaki Kawajiri's works I seen.

Also the music was nothing short of great even fantastic in places.

The animation was top notch as well as the fights and character development in this good piece of old school anime.

Also we had a fearsome antagonist in Levi Rah and a brief explanation of what made him become what he became which always suits any kind of anime or manga.

Also I liked the English dub and Brad Lavelle did a great job in voicing the main character Kyoya Izayoi and Bob Sessions was great in voicing the main villain Levi Rah.

So this is an enjoyable anime made in the late 1980's.

Reviewed by virtualcrime 7 / 10

Kawajiri's earlier works..Still not a master but enroute!

Not Bad. Actually better than a lot of anime's out there. Usual storyline. Demons trying to take over tokyo thus the world. Father tries to stop the villain but fails, 10 years later comes the prodigal son and wham-bam blah blah & so on....Good action, english dubbing is Ok. Needed a little bit more insight on the storyline and the characters lacked some depth. If you follow Kawajiri's work you can c glimpses of his genious. But fans who r looking for Kawajiri's mastery wont find a lot of it in this one.

Reviewed by 6 / 10

good plot, no character development

The son of a Nempo master must stop a sorcerer from raising hell. This is a Bruce Willis meets anime type of film. There isn't much character development at all. What's good about the film is that although the plot line is common in anime, it still entertains. See this if you're fond of lots of action and could care less about emotion.

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