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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 88352


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Sean Connery as Draco
Dina Meyer as Kara
Dennis Quaid as Bowen
Jason Isaacs as Lord Felton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Caleb Whitney 1 / 10

Kick your Television

This movie makes me want to break things. I have rarely seen a film so awful. The acting is truly cringeworthy, which is odd because the same actors, when appearing in other films are just fine. Somehow the filmmakers succeeded at bringing together a terrible script, with dialogue that makes you wretch and a director who managed to bring the absolute worst performances out of decent actors.

I'm still trying to decide whether to praise the filmmakers for casting a mentally challenged man (i.e., what we used to refer to as "retarded", or "emotionally disturbed" in the old days) in the role of the principal villain, or whether to call them out for their insensitivity in encouraging the lead villain-actor to portray the character as though he were retarded. When we were kids, we used to get in trouble for imitating the antics of tards. Who knew it was actually an accepted acting style. Very confusing, because in fact sometimes it seemed as though the majority of the characters were mental deficients. I half expected them to whip it out and pee in their food or to masturbate the minute the lights went out. It was like Three Stooges meets Buddy Hackett meets Monty Python (without the humor) and cast them in a middle school presentation of Game of Thrones, directed and performed by a bunch of half-wits recruited from the neighborhood group home.


Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 6 / 10

Killed by new graphic computer,but enjoyable!!

I saw this movie in 1997 on TV,very compelling fantasy story but the special effects of first generation of graphic computer brings an update somewhat out of time,on Dragonlayer didn't have any graphic computer and the movie is most convincing Dragon...of course the new movies has used this new way and lose quality and credibility,it's happened with Dragonheart...although the movie is enjoyable!!!


First watch: 1997 / How many: 3 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 6.5

Reviewed by nlcoker 10 / 10

Great movie and best out of them all.

To me, this movie was by far the best out of them all and the story behind it was the greatest.

Nowadays it seems as if it has more sorcery than dragons

Also I miss how much this movie was focused on the knight code unlike the newer ones.

If they decide to make a number 5, I strongly suggest making it more like this one.

If you haven't watched this movie, please do I know you won't regret it.

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