Good Boys


Adventure / Comedy

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Will Forte as Max's Dad
Michaela Watkins as Saleswoman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dussaultjulien 10 / 10

Funny as hell. Don't believe the bad reviews

There are some people on here complaining about the crude language and jokes, but honestly, what were you expecting? Some Politically Correct, dull and boring fluff piece? You're in the wrong movie.

I haven't seen a movie that made me laugh this much since We're the Miller's. There were very few times where I wasn't laughing in this movie, and yes the jokes and humor were crude, but who cares? Can we not use crude and rude humor anymore without people getting offended anymore?

If you live as such a sensitive person, you should just stay inside with bare walls and only your thoughts, because if you live like that, then you may as well not watch anything because it might offend you. Stop being so sensitive everybody and calm the frick down.

Reviewed by xabrasionx 10 / 10


I was laughing from beginning to end!! Don't listen to the uptight naysayers. If you failed to watch the trailer and went to this movie expecting something other than a raunchy inappropriate film you're foolish! The naivety of the actors is what truly made the movie comical; so why bash the creators for using young actors to deliver?!? Relax, watch the movie for what it is, and fall out of your chair laughing!!

Reviewed by jfaile-202-667396 2 / 10


This movie was awful and painfully unfunny. It's as if Seth Rogan and the writers thought that letting kids drop 300 F-bombs was comedy. Go rewatch Sixteen Candles, Goonies, Weird Science or even Superbad to see how these movies should be done.

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