Iliza Shlesinger: War Paint



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Iliza Shlesinger as Herself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by giantstones 1 / 10

I want to like her but I just can't stand it. How can people like this humor?

I have tried, I have watched her stuff. not just this one here. it;s just awful.

I would feel so cheated if I had actually bought a ticket, I feel cheated now that I have only wasted time.

It's difficult to write ten lines of things without just being horribly mean but I guess I will try. Seems to me, if you were to pick say, three other comedians from anywhere on the circuit or whatever you might call it, from any time line between 1950 and 2015 and show them to someone who has never ever seen any stand up in their entire life, that person would be able to pick out this comedian as the worst in the bunch.

Timing,material,sound effects, I mean c'mon! how did this even get to the point of going on the road? It;s like the publics being tested to see if anyone can be a stand up comedian or something. Is that what it is? I am guessing I passed and the answer is NO, they can't.

Reviewed by emeraldgoddess 1 / 10

Animal noises

She does these incredibly annoying animal noises for the whole show and the jokes aren't funny. I would have been very dissatisfied if I had paid to see this show.

Reviewed by JayDee420 2 / 10

Had to turn it off

Iliza had some good jokes but she ruined them with that super annoying horrible dolphin/goat sound she made constantly. It might have been kinda sorta funny once or twice, but it was done TO. DEATH...and then some. I tried really hard to put up with it to hear the material that I actually liked, hoping that for the love of god she would please stop making that terrible terrible sound soon, but it increased in both frequency and irritation. It made me cringe every time I heard it, so I gave up with about 15 minutes left. I couldn't handle anymore. It was just the worst sound I have ever heard. I couldn't take anymore. At a certain point the awfulness of the sound outweighed whatever humour the material had.

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