I'll Be Home for Christmas


Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
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Jessica Biel as Allie
Gary Cole as Jake's Dad
Kathleen Freeman as Tom Tom Girl Gloria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TeamRocket_Jessie 10 / 10

A Must-See For 90s Fans & Anyone Really

This epic quote from it sums up both the movie and 90s/00s/10s culture: "I'm a millennial type of guy. I dig world music. I think freons should be banned. I'm all about yoga and macrobiotic food. I'm in touch with my inner child..." That's actually the first time I ever heard the word millennial. There is 90s pop culture oozing from every scene. The net (with a Yahooligans style graphic interface), answering machines, Aqua, overalls, beepers, Amber, backwards hats, leather jackets, Dave Matthews Band tickets, a photo of President Bill Clinton, payphones (even on a bus), Blink 182, travel agents, cordless phones, Cherry Popping Daddies, watches, frosted tips, and a Smash Mouth poster. Best of all, Allie is all about feminism, poetry, girl power, and slugging pervs. Aforementioned perv assumes she listens to Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, and Natalie Merchant, which makes me love her even more. We need more intelligent and free spirited women like them in the world.

Reviewed by Mr7134 3 / 10


This film is mediocre to the extreme.

It could, if you can overlook the glaring plot holes, be something good to watch on Christmas Eve if there is nothing else on and you have had a few drinks.

It's not the worst movie ever made, but it is clich├ęd, predictable and not very funny.

Three out of ten- and that might be a case of me being over generous because it's, as I write this, December 12th.

What is also frustrating is that there's a nucleus of a good idea in the script- albeit one that has been done before. If the script had been redrafted a few more times, and if some of the Disney schmaltz had been remove then the film might have landed, somewhere, on the better side of OK.

Jessica Biel isn't bad though.

Reviewed by Zantara Xenophobe 1 / 10


Quite frankly, I am in shock. The worst theatrical movie I have ever watched is currently "Cruel Intentions," but today I watched "I'll Be Home for Christmas," expecting a funny holiday movie, but instead I got cinematic trash that gave "Cruel Intentions" a run for the money as worst theatrically released movie ever. Every scene, every joke, every situation, and every main character is loathesome. The entire movie is one big insult to the intelligence. Surely someone involved with this project should have realized what a tragic mess they were making and said something to put a stop to it. But alas it was not to be.

*Minor spoilers herein* Instead we are treated with an insufferable comedy centered on a totally obnoxious and arrogant rich kid. I wasn't sympathetic to him at all and I didn't buy his transformation for a moment. Nor did I find any of his snafus funny. Every single mishap was an unfunny bomb. I mean, are we supposed to laugh when Thomas consistently lied or stole to get his way? What's so awful about it (aside form the moral standpoint) is that everyone bought his lies. Only an idiot would believe what he said. What about when he gave away stolen appliances to children in a hospital? Worst moment of all (which had me screaming at the television for the madness to stop) involved the bus-liver gag. Thomas uses a sandwich, crayons, and a cooler to make it look like a liver needed to be delivered in a nearby town. But they didn't even bother to show how Thomas obtained these items from the people in the neighboring seats, or why the guy with the cooler didn't realize the liver was in HIS cooler!

Anyway, this is hands down the worst Christmas movie I have ever watched. I would love to pick this dog apart, but I seem to get hate mail whenever I trash a so-called family movie, so I'll just leave you with the short warning to avoid this mess at all costs. My Christmas present to you. Humbug! Zantara's score: 1 out of 10.

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