Kevin Hart: I'm a Grown Little Man


Comedy / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 3481

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Kevin Hart as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jusdean-84328 8 / 10

Almost Funny

Love most of the story telling untill the moment he used the word "f*g". Word is uncalled for and unnecessary.

Reviewed by DylanSo 10 / 10

Take a Lesson

Kevin Hart is a master storyteller. I've enjoyed almost all of his stand up routines but this one remains my favorite. I wish all comedians would take a lesson from Mr. Hart. He never preaches or berates. He doesn't talk about politics which will inevitably only lead to alienating at least half the audience. He's just all about the funny. He's hilarious, and you never forget that fact by having to wade through mean rants or speeches. From the man-pigeon to his family, Mr. Hart delivers laugh after laugh with so much sincerity.

Reviewed by hotwheelerd 10 / 10


There is a Reason WHY I say the BIRD RUNNING AFTER THE CAR. If you WATCH the show you will understand WHY Lol. Anyways I LOVE at the End of the Show WHEN you went and got your LITTLE CHILDREN. It just shows how much of a HARD WORKER HONEST MAN YOU REALLY ARE. DAUGHTER IS ASLEEP AND SON WIDE AWAKE WITH A SMILE. AND THE DAUGHTER JUST WAS LIKE OK DAD TIME FOR BED.

LOL LOVED it I am a FATHER MYSELF and me and my Daughter. We BOTH love your work and seeing you LIVE. She is 23 YEARS OLD AND I AM 46 YEARS OLD. You will not believe how much you kept us in Stiches during the Bad times. Thanks for your work. I spent many days in a Hospital because of EPILEPSY BRAIN SURGERY. And we watched all your MOVIES, and STAND UP SHOWS. And LAST YEAR WHEN I FINALLY GOT OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. MY DAUGHTER TOOK ME TO A LIVE SHOW IN LONDON ONTARIO CANADA. FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT IT WAS AWESOME. SPENDING ALL THAT TIME IN THE HOSPITAL. AND FINALLY SEEING YOU LIVE WAS EVEN MORE HEALLING THEN EVER. HOPE TO SEE YOU LIVE AGAIN.

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