Look Away


Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 13781


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India Eisley as Maria / Airam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexqueens 4 / 10

Everyone Loves an Evil Twin

In what universe does the skinny girl with model looks get picked on at school? I guess in this one. But wait, turns out the blonde kendoll popular guy just had the hots for her all along and her only friend who's not-really-her-friend just kept her close to look superior alongside her, despite feeling threatened by her.

Now, I try to avoid teen movies in general, but I honestly thought this mirror-evil-twin tale would be ...interesting? It wasn't.

This could have been so much better, but it was considerably underdeveloped, beginning with a very dull first half, and just when things were about to pick up, the 'murderous spree' was an unimaginative dud.

However, India Eisley played the sad and mousy part well enough, but she really shined as the more confident and wicked version of herself. I expect she'll be seen a lot more of from here on. And Mira Sorvino was great. Shame she doesn't get meatier roles to showcase her skills in full. As for Jason Isaacs, he seems to be stuck in the same character as the doctor-scientist in Cure for Wellness and the OA series. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Twisted reflection

'Look Away's' main attraction was its premise, maybe not exactly original, the ideas themselves are not new really but it did sound like the film was trying to do something fresh with them. Nonetheless though, it actually sounded very creepy and interesting. Some of 'Look Away' sounded like it could be relatable too. The cover and advertising were attention-grabbing and looked creepy, almost nightmarish, and also like Jason Isaacs quite a lot as an actor.

Seeing it, being encouraged by people saying it was for them better than expected and the above average rating as of now, 'Look Away' is not a great film and has flaws. Which actually happened to be the general consensus for the film hearing about it. Unfortunately these flaws are not large and a couple bring the film down rather significantly. As indicated though, there are quite a number of good things here in 'Look Away'. Would call it decent but uneven, which is actually not too bad a position to be in as a film and an acceptable distinction.

Beginning with 'Look Away's' good things, the acting is better than average. India Eisley carries the film intensely and poignantly and Isaacs is good support. So is Penelope Mitchell. Mira Sorvino is not the best used but she does a reasonable job too. The film shows a foreboding atmosphere and has a slickness to how it's shot. The use of sound is suitably ominous and not obvious or cheaply recorded.

Most of the story compels. There is a genuine creepiness, with the mirror image being appropriately sinister. There also is some subtle tension and the melancholic tone to some parts is poignantly done. Found myself relating to the protagonist, none of it is intelligence insulting (generally the viewer is treated with relative respect) while there is an effort to not be predictable. The direction is more than competent.

There are issues though. The script can be quite weak and sounded underwritten. Some of the pace is a bit too slow and like trudging through mud in the scenes where there is not as much as going on as others, a bit of trimming might have helped.

Am aware that Mark is not really a character one is meant to be like, one that one is meant to feel anger towards, but he never really grows in development and irritates throughout. Worst of all, as others have said, is the ending, which took ambiguity and unresolved questions to extremes and came over as confusing and unfinished.

Overall, an uneven film but with a good deal to commend it. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by maybe_ed_should_drive 4 / 10

All atmosphere, no substance

This movie looks beautiful, the acting is great, the mood and music is great but it still manages to fall flat. Just like Maria, the film is beautiful on the surface, but underneath you see it for its deformed half-baked self.

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