Love Shot


Comedy / Crime / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lucasandrew 1 / 10

Quite possibly the worst movie ever made

I made a account just to write this review. This "movie" has easily the worst acting in existence. It's obviously trying to be a movie like drive but the acting is so bad that the "cool" main character sounds like he's just playing pretend, it's like if you took a kid playing and pretending to be a assassin and made it into a movie.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 4 / 10

Welcome back fake reviewers.

As I write this review the movie only got seven other reviews yet. Six from those seven gave a perfect ten so you could conclude that this was one of their favorite movies of all time, otherwise why would you score it that high? The truth here is that we have AGAIN fake reviewers, people who where involved or who knew somebody involved in this movie. The proof is that this will be their first and only review they will ever write. I'm not even bothered reading those, I just click on their username to watch how many reviews they wrote and if it's just one I'm not even slightly interested in reading their lies. You've got to stay objective when reviewing and they just don't do that. For that I score Love Shot a four instead of a five, just to bring it down a bit. The movie starts promising but the further the story advances the lesser the quality. The acting of Dakota Loesch isn't very good. To me he was the weakest link of this movie. Just don't waste your time on this one.

Reviewed by ops-52535 7 / 10

its a strange film

Not did i know what i let myself into when watching love shot, or shoot love or shoot your lover or...whatever... its a passable film abit over average,with some nice shots and silent killings here and there, a plain and simple story, easy plot actors at average toughness and ripe at its best, but with some editing glitches and blood splatter problems in this koreatown l.a based movie.

editor glitch youll find them, but the most visible is about 49 mins into the film, do take a watch at the records turntable and ask yourself the question, which way does the record player turn normally??? i also didnt like the choice of music in this film,first its not my taste,secondly it doesnt give the actors a silent space to boost their talent,and suffocates the story. further i dont like toothpick-juggling thugs and empty karaoke bars. but elsewise its ok. though it could have been a thought to use the police in the story, mr.fine, just to breakin another fear factorb to the plot. i didnt hear a single police or firetruck or ambulance sirene anywhere in this flick, and that is trully a glitch on the sound department.with so many open air takes its 1 in a billion chance not to hear the sound of emergency in the background.

anyway, it has its twists, so tonight you may pour yourself a large love shot of whisky and enjoy this not so bad movie

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