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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rocknrollparty 10 / 10

Everything you want a documentary to be

So sad and so beautiful. Just like he was. A wonderful insight into the beauty and brutality that made his work what it was. A very emotional piece. And considering how the man himself said he wanted people to walk away from his shows with emotion, even though this wasn't a work of his (even though it was about him), I'd consider this a resounding success for just that reason. You walk away from the theater very emotional. Go see it. Yesterday.

Reviewed by JesseWaugh 9 / 10

A Powerful Documentary

PipAndSqueak makes some strong points, but I'm not sure what he's saying about people's (lack of) grief at McQueen's passing -- that McQueen was a control freak and therefore not cared about in the end?

I don't know what PipAndSqueak is referring to with "LAM" - does anyone know? I was actually wondering if PipAndSqueak might be Detmar Blow - but no evidence for that.

PipAndSqueak titled his (?) essay "Sacrificial LAM" - that's what I was just thinking -- that Alexander McQueen functioned in his life, and functions now, as an 'Art Christ' similar to van Gogh - but for the 21st century. Considering the disposability of males to most species including the human species, it's disturbing to contemplate that McQueen may actually serve as a type of human sacrifice for the art and beauty craving masses, during this era of ugliness and chaos. Perhaps his extreme creative honesty and ability to transmute ugliness into beauty filled the massive cultural chasm we are currently suffering.

This documentary is pretty much on par with the documentary put out about Alexander McQueen in 2011. It offers us a lot of new information, for which I am grateful, and it is entertaining.

I've found just as much value in watching interviews with McQueen on YouTube. But this movie presents a concise - if not complete - picture of his career and art. I greatly appreciate that this film was made, and I hope we can learn from it and advance ourselves further given the knowledge it affords to us.

Reviewed by artandjoe 10 / 10

The most beautiful documentary I have ever seen.

This film moved me like I had never been moved before. I hadn't the highest of hopes on being informed that the film would be produced by Lionsgate, a production company who are somewhat reputable for some bad films (Wings), however this was simply incredible. I am not in the least interested in fashion design (being your generally typical teenage boy), however this is simply a piece of art that must been seen.

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