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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 30374


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Charlie Hunnam as Henri Charrière
Rami Malek as Louis Dega
Tommy Flanagan as Masked Breton
Eve Hewson as Nennete
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krismancini 7 / 10

Very touching

This is a great film. I have not seen the original. Rami Malek does such a great job, he's really coming up in the acting world. I love him.

The story is a beautiful one. About friendship, loyalty, trust and courage. I had thoughts about how grateful I am to be living the life I currently live, after seeing what some people have endured through this movie.

Worth a watch that's for sure! 7/10

Reviewed by jrbond-57624 5 / 10

Watch the Original Fil

This isn't a bad remake, but McQueen and Hoffman deliver such amazing performances in the original film, this film was always going to find that impossible to get close to. Whilst it's a reasonable stand-alone film and not a bad movie, you just find yourself comparing it to the original at every turn. A classic film, is a classic film and should really be left alone. I'd prefer directors and producers to look at new projects and new ideas. Rehashing movies that have already been brilliantly done, are just a waste of resources. I would advise anyone wanting to watch this movie, just watch the original.

Reviewed by khunkrumark 4 / 10

Not bad, but it's not good, either!

Flat characters and unimaginative, choppy direction attempt to tell the story of the friendship of two convicts.

There's a lot of emphasis on a few brutal scenes yet there's scant coverage of the relationships of the characters. But for the most part it's just a visual jumble. The narrative jumps about and spends too long on lingering scenes and nowhere near enough time on characters and the linear story-line.

The effects of years of brutality have almost no physical effect on the prisoners who look like they just hopped out of make-up after a good lunch!

The 1973 version is timeless and a work of cinematic genius. This version will be forgotten in a few weeks.

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