Pet Sematary


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Jason Clarke as Louis
Amy Seimetz as Rachel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LisaFogle 1 / 10

Sometimes Just Leaving the Original Alone is Better

I have never in my life seen a worse sequel to a movie than this pile. There is not one good thing to be said about it. Fredd Gwynn is probably spinning in his grave. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. I was actually angry that I watched it at the end.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10

Thirty years but still no concrete fence n rumble strip for slowing down. Thank GOD this time they didn't make the toddler come back from the dead.

As I had mentioned in my review of the original film that the toddler attacking scene looked more comedic like Chucky's.

One of the best improvement is the casting n the acting of Jason Clarke is much much better than the actor from the original. This film is much more darker than the original n the ending creepier.

Things they omitted : Timmy coming back from the grave like a zombie n digging up bones to chew on. Bed-ridden Zelda suddenly springing back to life and running towards the camera. (Was creepy though). Jud's pet dog coming back from the burial ground. Jud's face getting cut horizontally. But they kept the iconic slicing of Jud's Achilles tendon.

Reviewed by n00bMLG 5 / 10

Sometimes dead is meh

The recent success of Stephen King adaptations must have inspired the creation of this film, I have not seen the 1989 version and I have only just now started reading the book, although I had knowledge of how the book ended. I was decently excited to see this film and it had some potential, but the final product is a serviceable but mediocre horror film that entertains but doesn't truly scare. The biggest issue with the movie is it's very hesitant to commit, the novel covers some very dark themes around the inevitability of death but the film only pokes the themes with a stick. Briefly introducing them in dialogue but not doing much else with them. The movie greatly suffers from being rushed, it never really takes its time to build up to characters or scares and just rushes its way from one plot point to another without giving any of them the time they need. What we end up with is a movie with decent acting, a few decent scares, a very messy third act and a stupid ending. Overall the film is mediocre but enjoyable, if you're a fan of the genre and just want a fun time at the movies it's worth a watch but it won't be one you remember, and it definitely doesn't live up to the legacy of the book.

One other thing I'd like to touch on is the abysmal marketing, the second trailer has to be one of the worst movie trailers I've ever seen, the trailer touches on every major plotline in the movie and spoils basically everything but the ending, it even spoiled the one twist they changed from the book. If that wasn't bad enough they released a third trailer a week before the film came out, and the opening shot of the trailer had major spoilers for the movie. This kind of marketing has sadly become a common practice with a lot of films and it really needs to stop, a film sometimes gets upwards of 3 trailers before it releases, what's the point in seeing the movie if the trailer has all the best moments and ruins all the surprises?

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