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David Duchovny as Bruni
Kip Pardue as Yanis
Ed Harris as Demi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lewaynelwhite 6 / 10

No, it's not "Das Boot."

Much is made of perceived weaknesses in "Phantom," most notably the absence of Russian accents. This doesn't bother me, certainly no more than watching anything by the BBC in which everyone, regardless of character nationality, has an accent found somewhere in the British Isles. I'm not familiar with the minutiae of Soviet era submariners, so I can't suitably critique the proper etiquette or uniform details. Looked accurate enough for me to accept it. If you're willing to look past that, you'll be able to enjoy a competent, if slightly derivative, submarine flick. Frankly, it's worth watching for the performances of Ed Harris (the sub captain) and William Fichtner (Harris's second in command) alone. They carry the movie, and, in my case at least, kept me watching through to the end. David Duchovny, as the rogue KGB agent is a little harder to accept, but I suspect that has less to do with his performance than my own inability to not think, "What the hell, Mulder?" every time I see him. The supporting characters do their best with what they have, and honestly, I admire anyone who can work in even a mock submarine's space. Ultimately, this movie is about sacrifice, whether on the part of the family separated by military service, or the things one is willing to do for the sake of one's nation. If you've actually read this far into the reviews, or even this far into this one review, I think you'll be engaged enough that it won't be a waste of your time to watch "Phantom," especially if you can see it via whatever instant service you use. Like it says above, it's not "Das Boot," but really, what else is?

Reviewed by siderite 7 / 10

Decent sub thriller

I've read the reviews of others and I was surprised to see such a strong polarizing. People either loved or completely hated the film. I am no expert in Russian Navy protocol, subs or war in general, so that is probably why I liked it. I didn't like it too much, though; even if it has a stellar cast, it is rather average and that is how I will rate it. However I see it as a decent sub movie.

To summarize a few reviews, people hated the American actors that pretended to be Russians without Russian accents. That is so ridiculous that I will not even deign it with an analysis. If you can't like a story unless sugar spooned to you, then it's your problem. Then there were people that reported erroneous depictions of Russian life, beliefs and reality in the 60's. I can't argue with that, but then again, the slip-ups were minor and one can easily ignore them if having good intentions. The rest of the film was pretty much a combination of Red October and The Abyss (how come nobody noticed that? :) ) which were both movies I liked.

Bottom line: I considered this film a reasonable achievement, even before I learned it was an independent film with only 18$mil as a budget. I personally liked it and can't account for many negative issues with the movie. Is it awesome? No. But I had fun watching it and was not bored at all.

Reviewed by holgard 3 / 10

Sorry but this is a fake

I am a Soviet submarine officer, retired. I have to notice that this film contains a lot of fakes. Here the fakes I faced with during first 10 minutes: 1. We never rose our greatcoat collars, 2. In Russian (as well as in Soviet) army it is forbidden to give a salute without headress, 3. It is absolutely impossible if a Soviet officer get married in church. All Soviet officers were members of communistic party and marriage in church was considered as a breach of discipline. 4. There is no benches in Russian Orthodox churches. 5. The Captain wears American underwear. 6. The Captain of Soviet submarine is an epileptic??? This is an absolute nonsense. 7. Names of Soviet officers - Demy, Bruni, Alex??? 8. Any Soviet officer was restricted to travel abroad except maybe socialist countries and in the film the character travels to New York! 9. Submarine technician officer is a claustrophobic????

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