Son of a Gun


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 25342

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Ewan McGregor as Brendan Lynch
Damon Herriman as Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by virtue_srb 8 / 10

Unexpectedly good

I just want to clarify the rating, 8 is well above average movie for me. It's worth having in your movie collection, along with classics of the genre.

I really wasn't expecting much from this one, but it turned out to be a surprise, and a good one too. I loved the action scenes where you can actually see the direction where character is shooting as well as damage being done by shots, I think this is extremely important for any serious action movie, but strangely a lot of action flicks fail at this. Whole cast did they job flawlessly, they are serious, tough criminals, there are no silly jokes, or something that would mellow down their characters (which is way too often in action movies today I must add), I loved it. Tashas accent was a bit too strong, but I guess it's a minor mistake. The romance part could have been a bit different, Tasha could be the one falling in love and wanting to get away with him, and he could be the one not being sure about it, but eventually going for runaway with her, I think that would hit the spot even better than this one. One glitch, I get the monkey metaphor in the movie, but I really think that if you want to crowd control people falling from the ceiling, you ought to pick some better mask than an ape one. I wish there was more action in urban setting but hey, maybe in next movie. The ending was (bitter) sweet.

Son of a Gun restored my hope for true old school serious-to-the- bone action movies, and I think this is the direction which action movie directors ought to follow, this is what real action movies are about,thumbs up for Aussies.

Reviewed by Bene Cumb 7 / 10

Not conceptual, but certainly not bad

Films depicting prison environments and heists tend to consist of recurrent topics and scenes, and the quality depends on how the viewers perceive them - as clichés or as characteristics. Luckily, Son of a Gun does with the latter, and skillful direction, several twists and versatile ending make this an okay film, where one can not always guess how the things go or what happens next, and all this is carried out without ridiculous shifts.

The cast is international, from a Scot till a Swede, plus locals, of course, and this provides the film with additional value (although the events take place in Australia only). Ewan McGregor as Brendan Lynch is certainly the best of them, outperforming the other main character - JR (performed by a local heartthrob Brenton Thwaites whose apparent intention was showing his torso as much as possible :)); the latter's relationship with Tasha (nicely performed by Alice Vikander) is a perfunctory link at times - although the pre-ending rounds it up again...

But anyway, if you like intense heist films with witty solutions, Son of a Gun is definitely for you.

Reviewed by 851222 7 / 10

Nothing new or original, but not bad flick at all

Greetings from Lithuania.

"Son of a Gun" (2014) is kinda average crime thriller. It shows nothing original, nothing new or anything special, yet i watched the whole movie and wasn't disappointed or bored. The performances are OK, nothing special or worth mentioning. The plot is not bad - "Son of a Gun" starts like a prison drama, but then it goes beyond that, but not in a highly new territory.

"Son of a Gun" is a nice movie for seeing it once, after, you will forget it kinda quickly. Worth mentioning nice soundtrack at the end of the movie, will going to definitely check it out who was the singer.

Overall, "Son of a Gun" is not a bad crime / action / thriller for one viewing. It doesn't show nothing original in craftsmanship of the movie, nor the plot is very original, yet if you like the genre, you can check this one out for yourself - it will do it's job for one boring evening.

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