The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yesjp1970 10 / 10


This is how all documentaries should be done. No political agendas, just fact finding and story telling. Loved it.

Reviewed by melee3 10 / 10

It DOES matter--watch it!

I watched this on Netflix, accidentally finding it hidden after hundreds of other recommended shows. I don't think Netflix really knows me as well as it thinks it does. Bill Murray was someone who grew on me. The first time I saw him on SNL I was not really impressed. But I grew to appreciate him and have enjoyed many of his movies. We watch Groundhog Day every Groundhog Day we can and I never get tired of it. When the Cubs won the World Series, there was an article about Bill Murray's excitement over the win on which had a quote it would have been good to have been included in the show--"Strive to be the Bill Murray this world needs." The documentary showed how true that it is--Bill Murray is what the world needs, and he helps the world one person at a time. There are a lot of things that just don't matter, but watching this is not one of them. Beware of the "F" bombs if watching it with kids. There were some who reacted as did Woody Harrelson's character in Zombieland when seeing Bill Murray or even reflecting on seeing him.

Reviewed by dano1330 9 / 10

A great capturing of a regular guy who happens to be a Super Star

Several years ago, a friend told me a story about when she & her husband were on a flight when she went to hand her empty glass to an airline steward. Being a stewardess herself, she quickly realized the guy who was taking up trash wasn't an airline employee - it was Bill Murray. He volunteered to help gather trash! Great story - which is repeated in different ways several times during this documentary. Such a great guy who likes to make people feel better. This is totally worth 1:10 it takes to watch this show. Highly recommend it!

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