The Crazies


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rssunjoy 9 / 10


Well acted, no stupid characters, decent dialogue, and very few plot holes. Why didn't this movie get more recognition? I remember being super excited for it to come out and it meeting all of my expectations.I would really recommend seeing this and adding it to your list of great horror movies produced in the 21st century. There are so few.

Reviewed by funky_giraffe 8 / 10

Not your usual Zombies

I love this film so much, to me it is completely original! I've seen some other people saying that this film is unoriginal, and i don't agree. I admit the virus epidemic in zombie films is quite repetitive, but i suppose it has to else could we turn into zombies? But anyway, this film has something that's different. The zombies we usually see, are the ones that stumble slowly towards you, and simply want to eat your flesh. These zombies are not like that (if you can even call them zombies) the infected 'Crazies' in this film aren't brain dead, they don't generally look any different (apart from the slight rotting flesh, but lets ignore that), they don't particularly move any differently, and they can speak perfectly fine...which may be the eeriest part. The infected just want to kill. Which makes them, in my opinion, some of the scariest 'zombies' in any film. Great movie that i can watch over and over and still be freaked out!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10

Simple Old Fashion Horror

A transport plane crashes into the water supply of a small Iowa town. Some of the townfolks become infected and turn crazed killers. Sheriff (Timothy Olyphant), his wife (Radha Mitchell), his deputy (Joe Anderson), and a girl from town (Danielle Panabaker) need to escape not only the crazies, but also the military sent to contain the population.

This is remake of a George A. Romero movie. It's not that complicated. It is a horror movie done classically without the jokey references or overt sexualization. There are no gross out jokes or T&A. It is just simple tense horror done right. The scariest scene has to be the women tied down on the gurneys, and a crazy walks in. If you want simple horror, this is all you need.

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