The Final Level: Escaping Rancala


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Bai Ling as Challenger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Only_Honest_Review 4 / 10

Seriously not bad at all for an Asylum film

Honestly viewers are rating this too seriously. You have to keep in mind the film was probably shot on a budget of less than a million so with that in mind it wasn't too bad. Obviously you're not gonna get academy award winning acting and the special effects can't compare to Jumanji which has a production budget of a hundred million but if you watch it for the tongue in cheek comedy that it is then it's not too bad. The story is lame but that's to be expected. Jumanji doesn't exactly have a great story either. I saw Jumanji 1 and 2 and thought both the stories weren't exactly great so I'm not going to be overly critical of this low budget version. It's silly fun for what it is. What drew me to this movie was I wanted to see what they could do with such a limited budget as a Jumanji type of movie requires quite a bit of CGI. Plus it's great to see Bai Ling in the cast. As my expectations were low it was mostly met with a basic story, campy dialogue and silly fight sequences. All in all not too bad. Lower your expectations and give it a chance. This is also one of Asylum better films. Many of their films are unwatchable but this one is tolerable.

Reviewed by Snootz 3 / 10

Asylum film, yawwwwwn....

The moment one realizes this is an Asylum film, all expectations pretty much leave the building, screaming. And rightly so.

The acting wasn't bad, considering the poor script and bad directing. I mean, actors can only do so much with 3rd grade play dialog.

General summary: idea straight from Jumanji. Worst. boss. fights. ever. (These "bosses" could pretty much be beat with a small pointy stick... or maybe giving them a wedgie.) The girls did as good a job as they could given the ridiculously slow-moving script, amateur dialog (however, not the worst we've seen from Asylum) and yawner situations. Seriously, halfway through the viewers want to enter the game ourselves with a baseball bat and take out all the adversaries in about... oh 5 minutes or so. It's. that. bad.

Not the worst Asylum film I've seen, which is why I give it 3 stars instead of 2. Favorite line of the movie: "You think this game was designed by guys?" Yeah, pretty sure the movie was too.

The really sad thing here is that even with Asylum's limited resources, they could have come up with better boss fights than presented here. One felt like shouting, "Just kick him in the tenders and get on with it!" So we have to wonder why someone in the team didn't put in just a little more effort and make it a lot more interesting. It really wouldn't have been more expensive or more difficult to put some of the special effects we've seen in other asylum films into this one. They started out well enough with the sharknado... and then it just stops.

If one goes in expecting yet-another-Asylum-film... that's exactly what you'll get. The three actresses are a bit more talented than usual, but that's about al that can be said for this. It's not exactly a train wreck, but the train comes to a very slow, limping halt about a mile short of the station.

Reviewed by misbegotten 7 / 10

Three girls, one game. I was entertained.

THE FINAL LEVEL: ESCAPING RANCALA is a great big slab of goofy fun. Although it's The Asylum's mockbuster of JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL (2019), due to budgetary constraints it's more reminiscent of earlier films such as TRON (1982), the 'Bishop of Battle' segment of anthology movie NIGHTMARES (1983), and Full Moon's ARCADE (1993). The story: avid videogamer Jake and his younger sister Sarah are spending time at Jake's favourite hangout, the local video game arcade. While Sarah goes outside to meet their mother, Jake lingers to play one last game... and is never seen again. Ten years later, a now-twentysomething Sarah (played by Jessica Chancellor) has become a successful redheaded entrepreneur, but is still deeply affected by her brother's disappearance. As a result, her latest about-to-launch business venture is a tribute to him - a themed bar that is partly a faithful recreation of a video arcade, complete with vintage games. Sarah's partners in this enterprise are her two friends since childhood, brunette tech nerd Rae (Tiana Tuttle) whose job is to make sure everything works, and blonde networking vlogger/blogger Chrissy (Emily Sweet), in charge of advertising, publicity and social media. However, when the last game to be installed turns out to be'Rancala', the game Jake was playing when he disappeared, the three friends find themselves sucked into it, and are faced with the multiple tasks of surviving and completing the game, finding Jake and trying to return to the real world.

There's a hugely pleasing amount of meta humour in THE FINAL LEVEL (which probably reaches it's zenith early on, as the girls discover the first end-of-level boss opponent is a sharknado) centring on the trio of heroines adapting to being inside a video game: having to instinctively duck their heads every time an on-screen message appears, learning that unfeasibly large objects (oars, long-barrelled sniper rifles, planks of wood) can be pulled from the modestly-sized backpacks they're wearing, and having their clothes automatically change to match every new environment they enter. Arriving on a beach, they find themselves suddenly clad in just some skimpy & revealing bikinis. "Do you think a man designed this game?" deadpans Chrissy.

Enjoyable though THE FINAL LEVEL is, there are some negatives: much of the movie's initial fun and inventivity ebbs out after the first 35 - 40 minutes, and the film starts to drag during it's middle section. That said, things do rally in the final stretch with some welcome twists, although the reveal of The King - the game's final, super-boss opponent - is a disappointment, due to some typical Asylum penny pinching. He really should be a dastardly arch-enemy, part-Vader, part-Ming the Merciless, ruling Rancala from a lair that's half-gothic castle, half-Death Star control room. Instead, he's just some ranty man in a vaguely naval officer-style uniform, sitting on a throne made out of twigs, on a raised platform in the middle of a forest clearing. Very unsatisfying. The movie's low budget special effects and CGI mostly past muster, apart from a disastrous sequence in which two of the girls move at super-speed (having been given selected superpowers courtesy of the game), which just doesn't work and should have been left on the cutting room floor.

Characterisation is also tissue-thin, and although the three lead actresses do their best to flesh out the trio of heroines, they don't quite succeed (Sweet comes closest) due to simply having so little to work with. Full marks though to Chancellor, Tuttle and Sweet for throwing themselves full-bodily into THE FINAL LEVEL's many, many fight scenes, which are shot so you can see it's clearly the actresses and not stunt doubles who are throwing punches, high-kicking and back-flipping. And considering this movie is clearly intended for a family audience, kudos to The Asylum for including a scene in which two of the characters matter-of-factly share a same-sex kiss (this is nothing new for The Asylum - their mainstream 2007 mockbuster TRANSMORPHERS had two key characters in a same-sex marriage).

Despite it's flaws, I enjoyed THE FINAL LEVEL immensely and in my humble opinion it stands alongside the likes of SHERLOCK HOLMES (2010), MERCENARIES (2014) and the AVENGERS GRIMM movies as one of the most entertaining films The Asylum has yet made. It's hard to dislike a movie that features a girl successfully dropkicking a charging rhino.

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