The KAOS Brief


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paclark-48762 3 / 10

Just make a movie

Could anyone else have done without the political agendas being pushed?

Reviewed by DakitaJoness 3 / 10

One cool thing

Four teenagers; twin brother and sister Skylar and Dakota and their partners, go on a weekend campout so our protaginist, Skylar (an avid Youtuber), can do a vlog.

They see UFOs and Skylar uploads the video to his channel.

Almost immediately, he's contacted by someone named Indrid Cold who tries to warn him off about posting such things.

Clearly someone watched the X-files. Here comes the surveillance, men in black, lost time, that thing where a character stands still watching the others sleep for long periods of time and the discovery of items implanted just below the skin. And more....

At some point, we learn the kids have JUST turned 17 and I wish the filmmakers would have chosen 18. The actors are clearly not teenagers. We hear Skylar and his boyfriend talk about making a sex tape together more than once. So, yeah...18 would have been a tad better, less cringy.

The one cool thing is how the name Indrid Cold is just dropped on us. If you know the reference, that's fun.

The plot becomes ridiculous. I had hope but ended up shaking my head whilst muttering, "Really?"

Reviewed by ajworden-54648 8 / 10


This was a great film with surprises... Acting good and story interesting.

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