The Lion King


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Seth Rogen as Pumbaa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gries38 1 / 10

Ruined the music

Felt like a corporate movie and they know people will go see it on name alone, and they ruined the music. Not sure they realized the music was the best part. Songs felt like when an artist oversings the national anthem. The songs were great originally and felt like they were trying too hard.

Reviewed by diana-steau 1 / 10


Just to be clear, this is my all time favorite movie. I can't stress this enough. I love The Lion King (1994), but what I saw today was horror for me. The CGI was good, but everything else wasn't. I would recommend you to watch this movie only so you can appreciate the original at its true value. They RUINED (and again, can't stress this enough) the songs (especially Be prepared). The actors were awful, plain, flat (except James Earl Jones, Seth Rogen and John Oliver). Beyonce????? Really? ANYONE else could've done a better job, and I mean anyone. Had NO EMOTION what so ever. None.

Missed important scenes from the first movie like: 1. Rafiki hitting Simba with the stick saying "it's in the past"; 2. Smart-funny conversation between hyenas and Simba/Nala/Zazu. ... and many more.

I wanted to cry when Mufasa died, but I couldn't because it all happens in 20 seconds and it is FLAT.

Also I wanted to cry at the end of the movie because it was horrible.

Reviewed by menzoderks 1 / 10

No soul.

The original Lion King is one of my favorite movies of all time and if you feel the same I'd recommend you to never watch this remake. Now let me explain how this movie is completely ruined.

1. Characters have no facial expressions - So in the original if you just turned off the sound you'd still be able to understand what's going on as the body language and facial expressions were a big part of what brought these characters to life. In the new film simba looks like a real lion and similar to a real lion he has zero facial emotion. This is true for all the characters.

2. The voice acting is horrible - everyone talks incredibly unemotional and SLOW. These actors have likely been told in production to do so as otherwise it would have looked weird for these animals to move their mouths so fast. Even Mufasa's voice is far slower and less emotional while it's still the same voice actor. They really talk half the speed and have odd pauses in their dialogue. Emotion is gone entirely.

3. Clever jokes and small exchanges are not in this movie - Because characters talk so slowly they can't say as much. Therefore all small jokes and clever exchanges are left out. A few are kept in, but fall flat as the timing is off now. For instance when in the original Simba and Nala go to the elephant graveyard the hyena have all these fun exchanges and they are left out in this movie, Instead we get 2 hyenas that are particularly unfunny...

4. The songs are ruined - In the original movie, songs bend real physics and reality to give an expressive montage that was visually stunning. Here they just walk or jog a bit.Then a few other animals might appear, but that's about it. Songs are also played at a slower tempo which in itself ruined all the momentum out of the song.

5. Simba is unlikable - Before simba flees away from pride rock you feel his character is a bit reckless and a bit cocky, but he is also brave and has the characteristics of a leader as he protects others. In the elephant graveyard he stands up for Zazu (while he does not even like zazu) saying the hyena's should pick on somebody their own size. When he and nala then have to run for their lives nala is falling behind. Simba then runs back and saves her by scratching Shenzi. These 2 things do not happen in the remake, which make simba a cocky guy only caring about the power he will get as a king. In the second half you'll start to wonder if he really should be king.

6. Filler scenes - There are a few additonal scenes or things that are dragged out that give zero character development and do not bring new information at all. You'll notice these scenes in the film, but to give 1 example I'll tell the one that's the least spoilery. Remember that mouse that scar grabs under his hand in the beginning? You see him run up to the camera, wash his nose and BAMN. Scar has him under his paws. In the remake we see this mouse crawl for a whole minute. Why?!? Later in this movie there is something that took the original 5 seconds too, but here takes 2 minutes! They're are really struggling to make the movie 1 hour and 50 minutes, whereas I do not think it's necessary at all and they could have just made a movie of 1 hour and 25 minutes as the original was.

This movie has no soul and leaves a bad taste towards the original.Disney has lost all it's credibility and respect it still had left by making this atrocious movie.

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