The Looming Storm



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by annacolinber 10 / 10


One of the most incredible movies I've ever seen. Actors are absolutely amazing. It is a drama, more than a thriller. It is poetic and very sad at the same time. Beautiful.

Reviewed by jackson_ro 7 / 10

The Looming Storm

Not often do you find a film this focused on the lead character's development and psyche that the plot itself no longer seems important. Duan Yihong acting and the overall tone of the film are the true highlights, and the film is full of brilliant motifs. As the film progresses, you simply feel that the mystery itself becomes less and less important, rather the movie is driven by the questioning of the lead's motives. But is it possible that everything is just a hallucination in his mind? And the question posed at the very end, did he ever win the award?

Reviewed by niall-leonard-1950 9 / 10

Element of Crime in China

This is not a standard thriller/detective story, even though the pursuit of a serial killer is a major plot element.

The action takes place in the mid-1990s, at a time of economic change and modernisation. The main character is a factory security chief, whose job is prevention of theft by the workers; he has one young assistant. When a dead body is found near the factory, the main character tries to help the police, but is seen by them as a "wannabe".

The development of the plot follows his pursuit of the killer, and shows how far he is prepared to go to succeed, at significant cost to others and to himself.

Any more information would amount to a spoiler; but think of a mixture of Element of Crime (but the detective is not the killer), Taxi Driver (without guns), and Leviathan (without overt political criticism). Unique. Beautifully acted and photographed.

To understand the film, it would probably help to know something about recent Chinese history. No, it does not go quickly, but it really stays with you after you have seen it.

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