The Ox-Bow Incident


Action / Drama / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 8 10 20087

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Margaret Hamilton as Mrs. Larch
Henry Fonda as Gil Carter
Anthony Quinn as Juan Martínez
Harry Morgan as Art Croft
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Doylenf 8 / 10

SPOILER AHEAD...Grim, sobering and well-acted story of vigilante justice...

THE OX-BOW INCIDENT was never considered a success at the time of release, especially by studio mogul Darryl F. Zanuck who never considered a film a success of any kind if it lost at the box-office. However, over the years it has become an artistic success with fans who appreciate good movie-making when they see it.

The performances are all first rate--particularly HENRY FONDA as the not too bright drifter who opposes the lynching mob, Harry Morgan as his rather slow witted sidekick, Frank Conroy as the General with the weakling son (William Eythe), and most importantly, DANA ANDREWS, who has the most riveting role in the whole film and makes the most of it. His is the outstanding contribution, sensitive and gripping. The story is based on a true incident that happened in Montana in the late 1880s--and, of course, one that could have happened anywhere in the old West.

It's easy to see why it was not a commercial success. Except for Fonda, there are no other major stars in the cast for marquee value. Neither Dana Andrews nor Anthony Quinn had yet achieved star status. The story is grim and downright sobering, dwelling, as it does, on man's inhumanity to man. The Paul Hurst character, who makes various mocking gestures with his hangman's knot, adds to the grim gloominess of all the proceedings. Hurst (who played the Yankee deserter in GWTW) was almost always cast as a villainous lug.

The night scenes involving the hanging seem to take place on a studio soundstage but somehow it doesn't matter. Nothing distracts from the taut realism of the drama once we know that the lynching is definitely going to be carried out. Afterwards, the knowledge that the man they allegedly hanged is not dead, comes as a twist that drives home the senselessness of what their mob mentality has done.

Mary Beth Hughes has a decorative role as the only feminine interest in the film--except for an uncredited bit by Margaret Hamilton and an unusually grim and unsympathetic role for Jane Darwell.

Well worth watching, a message picture that delivers without being preachy. My only complaint is that the letter Fonda reads at the end could have been simpler and less eloquent for the sake of realism and in keeping with the naturalness of Dana Andrew's performance. Complementing Andrew's work is a nice, sympathetic performance by character actor Harry Davenport as the man who tries hard to prevent the hanging.

Otherwise, everything is right on the mark. Well worth watching.

Reviewed by Fernando Lira 8 / 10

Before 12 angry men.

An excellent movie that avoid the western cliché, bringing a Theatrical Drama about reason, justice and piety.

Everything works perfectly, in terms of sound, ambiance and plot. Exception made by the role of Mary Beth Hughes. The protagonist's frustrated romance does'nt add nothing relevant to presents Gil Carter's personality.

The letter reading scene is absolutelly beautiful and very meaningful, totally worth the movie. This Western deserves more recognition from the overall public.

Reviewed by mbanak 9 / 10

Sobering Slap in The Face for Knee-Jerk Types

In light of today's headlines, where political accusations and over-reaction are the norm in the news, this classic shows the horror of mob rule. We learn from "To Kill A Mockingbird" that some people are on this earth to do a dirty job. There is a dirty job hanging over the head of the character played by Fonda. His mop-up of the incident is inspiring. If movie-makers really desire to touch lives, this film has done the job. Our conscience is a prime and valuable connection between man and Heaven. The film concludes with Fonda explaining that in a memorable bar scene, in a setting unique in all of cinema. I claim Fonda made "12 Angry Men" as a counter-balance to this bone-jarring story. What do YOU think?

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