The Pirate Fairy


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 11731

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Tom Hiddleston as James
Mae Whitman as Tinker Bell
Lucy Liu as Silvermist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by huggibear 7 / 10

Very sweet Disney film! 7 Stars from me!

The only thing wrong with this film is the title. It is a story about 'pirates', but it's actually a 'Tinker Bell' movie and she should have been included in this title...Such as 'Tinker Bell's, The Pirate Fairy'. We watched this last night (07/21/2017), me, my mom, and my aunt and we are all beyond 50 years old. Then again, we love Disney! And we all thought this film should get more exposure. It is a gem indeed! If we all had pixie dust and believed in it, we wouldn't be so cruel to each other in this world. Why is the world so mean? Maybe we all need to spend more time watching Disney movies instead of focusing on each other's problems! Way to go Disney!! Keep the movies coming please!

Reviewed by I love tinker bell 1 / 10

A disgrace too Tinkerbell

This movie is a disgrace to the master piece franchise known as Tinkerbell. Until this horrible horrible movie came out, Tinkerbell was perfect. Ugh words can't describe how bad it, but i shall attempt to anyways. Let's start off with the animation. Still looks great, but not enough to save it. Plot is horrible, i mean, SWITCHING TALENTS?!?!? This just raises questions in the Tinkerbell lore. If this was capable to happen, why didn't Tinkerbell's friends suggest this option to her in the first movie when she wanted to go the mainland? She could've just swapped to a water fairy or something and went to the mainland. Even if she didn't go through with it, it would've been nice if it was brought up as an option. A better choice would've been body swap. At least then we would have some logic in the lore and have some fun body swap shenanigans. And the pirates are lame. Overall terrible movie. I would give it a -10/10 if I could. Hopefully this was just one bad apple in a tree of delicious apples.

Reviewed by Paul Rustad 8 / 10

Delightful Disney Movie

A few weeks back my 2 year old niece came to visit and immediately turned on Netflix and said "Pirates!" Not really sure what she wanted she ended up showing me the tile on the iPad in the Netflix app. Okay.

It was a delightful, entertaining movie with wonderful animation, sound and voice actors. A fairly simple plot, but was still engaging for an adult.

And what could be better than Pirates?

Give it a shot, a chance, and you might be surprised. I was. And the "Neverbeast" movie...well, that made my wife cry.

And now when my niece is over we are beginning to watch all the Tinkerbell movies that we can. They are fun, delightful and definitely a step up for straight to DVD's movies.

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