The Red Sea Diving Resort


Drama / History / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 10658


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Chris Evans as Ari Levinson
Michiel Huisman as Jacob 'Jake' Wolf
Alona Tal as Sarah Levinson
Haley Bennett as Rachel Reiter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gideonzack 9 / 10

Positive beautiful film, just when we all need it.

This a moving film with exceptional performances by all actors involved. The direction and writing also hits good tones and avoids becoming a blow them up action movie. I really enjoyed this film from beginning to end. Chris Evans can act and there's a nice character arch with a few of the main players. Overall I really enjoyed this and will watch it again.

The fact that it's based on saving lives and happened during a really hard time in the Middle East and Africa (late 70's early 80's) makes it more poignant given the state of the world today.

Overall it's an A for me. I will recommend this to my friends and family. Enjoy :)

Reviewed by darcek 7 / 10

Solid Netflix flick

Almost missed on this film,because some people reviewed it as political propaganda instead of really reviewing the film itself.. Haters got to hate..

The real review is this film is solid(acting,directed etc),enjoyable watching,and recaptures some important history.

The problem with this film I felt most of the plot was repeated in other films which kept it from been really great hence gave it only a 7. Nothing original here,except the true story behind the movie that inspired its creation.

Reviewed by info-354-549559 9 / 10

Better Than Expected

Reading the description I went into this with medial expectations thinking this would be a tears of the sun movie of 1st world military saves 3rd world.

What I got was actually some interesting dialogue, some good acting and overall an interesting movie.

A fun action flick that kept me entertained from the start to the end, had some exciting moments, some sad moments and the fact that it was based on a true story made it interesting, the photos of the actual hotel and team brought it together.

Its probably going to get some hate from the Israel haters, but screw those troll clowns, dont feed them.

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