The Wolf Hour


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 969


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Naomi Watts as June Leigh
Emory Cohen as Billy
Jennifer Ehle as Margot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sevengunner 8 / 10

A pleasant surprise.

I can only applaud this movie for portraying the most believable picture of anxiety and mental issues. And I love how we get the picture painted of New York and the world outside June's apartment only by looking out of her window and the occasional news broadcast.

This is the kind of movie I really want to re-visit. But I don't look particularly forward to another go at this darkness.. Anyway.. By the end you really feel like you know this woman. Even though we have only had insinuations about her life before we meet her. Insinuations is in fact key in the telling of this story. This movie is in my opinion very well written, very well, directed and very well acted. As a result I was very pleasantly surprised.

Reviewed by andrexbtst 8 / 10

The Wolf Hour - An Honest Take on Life and it's Difficulties

Things are never what they appear on screen. The art of film making consists in telling a story inside a story, in using subtleties and hidden (sometimes not so hidden) meanings to convey a concept, an idea, to makes us thing about the nature of our existence. In that aspect The Wolf Hour is like any other movie, but there is a fundamental difference that changes The Wolf Hour from a regular movie to a wonderful experience.

In essence, all movies are the same, right? We have a setting, we are introduced to the characters, and then something unforeseeable happens to those characters, and then we got ourselves a movie. What is different about The Wolf Hour is that, very simply, nothing happens. We are not watching the beginnings of a disturbance in a character's life, in The Wolf Hour that disturbance already happened, and instead what we're dealing with is the aftermath of said disturbance.

When we first meet June she is in a bad place, in every aspect that is possible for a modern human being to be: physically, emotionally and economically. We are immediately drawn to the question "What happened to that woman?" And as the movie progresses, we get answers to that question. Those answers come in various forms, hidden in conversations, shown to us through an old cassete tape, through a phone call, through an incredible act of faith that takes form in a "Hail Mary" request for the odd delivery boy. What we witness on screen are not exactly the actions of June, since she is just going through the motions, uncertain of her future, but what drives her to take those actions and her reaction the the way they unfold.

The Wolf Hour is a deep and emotional character study of a once great woman who let her insecurities and fears get the best of her, and how in the darkest moment she sees clearly what's most important to her in life. It's an honest take on how life can get you down beyond your worst nightmares, nut how your worst enemy will always be yourself. You will always be the person to beat.

In the end, I think we all see ourselves in June. I know I did. "Is that character you?"

Reviewed by biljao258 2 / 10

Dreary and oppressive

I've been a fan of Naomi Watts ever since she played perky Betty in Mulholland Drive (1999) and she has a pretty solid filmography ever since ( just a few duds). She has the courage to play 'screw-up personality' roles for instance in the recent (forgettable) mini TV series Gypsy (2017) and now this movie. But not even her acting can offset the dismal and implausible story line and completely unengaging lead character part. How do investors/producers (including Watts as an executive producer) come to think this movie will have any audience appeal?

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