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Stephen Lang as Fred Parras
Dora Madison as Gutter
William Sadler as Walter Reed
David Patrick Kelly as Doug McCarthy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ElijahCSkuggs 5 / 10

Could have used some full penetration...and Dolph Lundgren.

There's an air of mystery surrounding VFWs. It's a pretty similar feeling to other men clubs like The Royal Order of the Moose, The Oddfellows and my favorite, The Stonecutters. VFWs on the otherhand are jam packed with war vets. I'm pretty sure women are allowed at VFWs and more often than not most of the public is so they're not too exclusive on the social group front but what do I know. I'll help you out. I know nothing. What I do know is that I watched a movie about old war vets getting violent with a bunch of maniacal punk druggies. Sounds cool? It does, but unfortunately these old vets didn't pack enough diapers for the poop storm that followed.

I take back that poop storm statement. It just went well with the diapers line. It wasn't a crappy film. It was alright. The movie is super straight forward and quite predictable but that's okay. I mean it's not, but here in this instance it is. Apocalyptic setting for whatever reason that has a bad-guy-drug-kingpin-odd-fellow who's got his drug addict followers that do his bidding. Across the street is a VFW with a ragtag assortment of rather vanilla vets who still think it's the bee's knees to get drunk all the time. I guess that's what war does to you. Closest thing I got to war was a fight with my ex-girlfriend about her not spending enough time by my side when we'd go out. I don't ask for much. Just stay by me. That's all. And time and time again she'd just wander off and talk to random strangers. Man oh man, she really didn't give a damn. What was I saying? Yeah, booze is overrated but the writers of this film still think it's as awesome as a college kid. And that type of writing and mentality is basically what you get for the whole film.

I'm not going to trash on the film or talk about my insecurities anymore, but I do have to say that the film wasn't very good. Any time there was any talking, I mean anything at all, it was almost instant boredom. Just fight to the death already. That's all this movie is so get on with it. And speaking of death, this film had quite a bit of it. Ya had some violence via hand-tools, guns, blades, and other creative means. That's always nice. Plus, it was the second time I've seen a demo saw used in a movie. Those are fun to use. One huge, perverted thought of mine while watching this film was our main hero (the guy from Avatar) dressed like a hipstery Grandad and man oh man if I wasn't hoping for him and the young woman to get it on. If that happened, this movie would have been a big time ten out of ten.

Okay let's wrap this up. Did you see the cast list and get all hot and bothered? Yeah, I did too. If you're a true blue fanboy who isn't jaded at all, you will have a lovely time with this here film. If you are indeed jaded like me and are prone to being let down quite easily, then I'd say tread lightly with this one. You've got the nostalgic cast, the blood and...that's it. But, you could do worse. I know I did when I dated my ex.

Reviewed by sandginner 5 / 10

Hobo with a Shotgun meets The Expendables

Or the More Expendable Expendables. Nice little low budget action movie. It doesn't pretend much so it kind of delivers. Lots of gore and fighting but little in the way of plot or drama.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 9 / 10

Beathes fresh air into the Grindhouse genre. Solid gory thriller with some bad lighting n cinematography.

Saw this without watching the trailer n was pleasantly surprised. The poster with the old fellas with various weapons in their hands were sufficient to entice me into seeing this film.

We have Martin Kove, Stephen Lang, William Sadler, David Patrick Kelly, Fred Williamson n George Wendt.

The plot has been done umpteenth no of times but that shud not deter u from seeing this transgressively violent n deeply '70s style thriller.

The film's pacing is taut, performances r good, the gore is over the top and the only drawback is the film's lighting and cinematography, maybe the budget, but then again this shud not deter u from seeing this film.

Some of the scenes r purposely grimy with a worn-out look. Few attack scenes r shot in a very fast forward way with bad lighting which makes it hard to distinguish what's happening. The gore effects, the camaraderie between the oldies, taut pacing n the action compensates the minor flaws.

Fans of Rio Bravo, Night Of The Living Dead, Assault On Precinct 13, Straw Dogs, Cyborg n Mulberry St. will definitely enjoy this low budget gem.

P.S. Watch out for the antlers kill scene n the knee to face smashing one. By the way William Sadler needs to lose some weight n his puffy face but it was good to see him in a major role, that too with a chainsaw n driving Deuce and a Half straight into the enemy's face.

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