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Reviewed by leslie-68250 8 / 10

100/10 Beautiful Film

Such an amazing film that does a wonderful job showing the ups and downs of a high school friendship. Along with showing what the pros and cons are to following your dreams. A great coming of age movie.

Reviewed by leslie-68250 8 / 10

A heartwarming road trip movie by Mads Lennon

Woodstock or Bust review: A heartwarming road trip movie by Mads Lennon

Woodstock or Bust is a heartwarming story about female friendship wrapped up in a vibrant bubble of nostalgia and anchored by two excellent performances.

It was the heart of the summer in 1969, and the Woodstock Music Festival is right around the corner. Two 17-year-old singer/songwriters from the West Coast make it their dream to reach the capital of peace and love to share their music and passion to hundreds of festival-goers in the new film, Woodstock or Bust. But making it across the country won't be an easy task. Meryl (The Foster's Meg DeLacy) and Lorian (The Hunger Games' Willow Shields) find that out the hard way when they come up against unsupportive parents, drugs, and the strangeness of the long-winding highways. Their journey to Woodstock takes them on a three-day road trip that will change their lives, and friendship, forever. I recommend you take the time to watch this spirited film about female friendship and their ambitious dreams flourishing in the psychedelic wonder of the late '60s.

I'm glad a woman directed Woodstock or Bust. Leslie Bloom takes the helm in her feature film directorial debut. She also co-wrote the film alongside Judi Blaze. You can tell that women were behind the writing as the friendship depicted between Meryl and Lorian feels positive and realistic. It's a little jagged around the edges, just the way it should be.

Following Meryl and Lorian on their cross-country adventure will leave you with plenty of belly laughs and a sense of genuine care for these girls. Sometimes they're childish and naive, but you're never left to forget they're only 17, and those mistakes are all part of growing up.

DeLacy and Shields play off one another as if they grew up together and anchor the movie with their ironclad and heartfelt friendship. Their charismatic performances elevate the material where it drags in some places.

There were a few spots of the film that became tonally uneven, particularly a moment where Lorian is nearly assaulted in a car garage. I found the scene jarring and out of context with the rest of the film. From it blossoms a vital moment of sincerity between the two friends but I could have done without it.

Beyond that, Woodstock or Bust is a tremendously entertaining film with plenty to say. The best part is that it lets its two leads do the talking and becomes all the better for that choice.

Woodstock or Bust will be available on digital streaming platforms beginning on August 13th.

Reviewed by darrengabbe 3 / 10


This came out today on a site. We read the reviews and they were all pretty good. TO ANYONE WHO RANKED THIS 8 OR OVER you should be ashamed and send $2.00 USD for deceiving people into watching this drivel.

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