Blood Ties


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 52%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 18575


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Mila Kunis as Natalie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 7 / 10

gritty film set in '70s NYC with some great acting and a derivative plot

"Blood Ties" is a remake of the 2008 film "Rivals" which starred this movie's director, Guillaume Canet. James Caan, one of the stars of this film, helped him infuse the translation with some New York lingo.

The movie is set in the '70s, with Chris (Clive Owen) just being released from prison after 12 years. His brother Frank (Billy Crudup) is a police officer who lets him stay at his place and helps Chris get a job. In one of the first scenes, the boys' father (James Caan) is released from the hospital after having a lung removed. He is being cared for by their sister Marie (Lili Taylor).

Chris doesn't keep his job, but he does get a girlfriend out of it (Mila Kunis). He has no money so he reverts to crime again. Apparently his years in prison have made him a ruthless killer. When Frank recognizes him at a brutal robbery of an armored truck, his own career is threatened.

Frank, meanwhile, is still in love with Vanessa (Zoe Saldana), whom he parted ways with, and she accuses him of stalking her. And Chris' ex-wife (Marion Cotillard) turns tricks; she wants money from him, supposedly for child support, but he knows it's for drugs.

This is the age-old story of two brothers, one (Frank) who grew up adoring Chris, who traveled to the wrong side of the tracks at an early age, and the decisions they must make as adults as they try to get their lives together.

The family dynamics are terrific and ring true, with Marie and her father desperately wanting the brothers to get along and the family to be back together; meanwhile, Frank and Chris fight verbally and physically. James Caan gives a wonderful performance as a frail, sick man who has trouble expressing his emotions. His scene with Frank is especially touching.

The acting overall is excellent from this fine cast. Clive Owen and Billy Crudup are two favorites of mine, and both play the different aspects of their characters beautifully. Crudup has the more difficult role, torn between his love for his brother and his work. As Chris, Owen is a pragmatic sociopath. He goes out and gets what he wants without any qualms of conscience, attempting to manipulate Frank with a little grin. All that brings them together is their love for their father and sister, but it's not enough and it's too late.

This movie made next to no money and played only 28 theaters. It's not the most earth-shattering film you'll ever see, and parts are on the slow side, but it definitely deserved being seen by a wider audience and have better marketing. It's a shame that the fine work these people did was seen by so few. Perhaps as a rental it will do better.

Reviewed by submarine1977 6 / 10

Can blood ties prevail on both sides of the law?

On the beginning, I have to admit, that I've never got familiarized with the style both of Guillame Canet and James Gray, probably because barely any of their previous works acquired broad distribution in my country. Hence, while stepping into the cinema room, I didn't know what kind of emotions or thoughts the upcoming movie would release in me. Neither did I know what the movie would be about nor how it was admitted by professional critics. I was sitting on my chair, being curious what values may bring the movie, boasting with appearance of quite astonishing amount of gifted actors. After the showing, the question was partially answered.

While in other movies representing the genre there is one character the story focuses around, here we have two, both standing on the opposite sides of the law: the notorious criminal, who, having spent a long-term sentence in jail, is being released and his younger brother, Frank, turned out to be a devoted policeman. The past and social positions occupied by both of brothers are sources of the tension growing between Chris and Frank, which is especially visible in the attitude of the police officer. However, he has the feeling of being partially responsible for the path his brother has taken. In the childhood period, Frank failed Chris, which resulted in his first jail sentence.

The whole situation is being observed by third party characters, the most interesting of which is a prostitute performed by Marion Cotillard. Climbing on peaks of her acting skills, the actress successfully presents a wreck, that believes in no chances on brighter future, even while being a mother of two Chris' children. In opposition to her, the rest of those observers fails to attract any attention. Even while having such great actors like James Caan or Lily Taylor, Canet and Gray do not know how to connect their characters with the story, not to mention about Mila Kunis. Her character just exist in the movie's world.

I have the feeling, however, that the screenwriters put enough effort to present the main plot in a satisfactory way, being supported by two great actors. Despite the conflict between two brothers, viewers can sense that there is still a thin bond between them, even though Frank urgently tries to conceal it. All scenes between them are well paced and written. Confrontation of muffled Billy Crudup with impulsive Clive Owen gave an interesting result - it's the former convict, that through his attempts to fix the situation acquires our sympathy more than the cold policeman.

I'm not gonna praise the movie's capacity to convey the 70's atmosphere, because this feature has become common. However, what needs to mentioned about are dialogues. They are juicy and full of vulgarisms, that perfectly give the viewer a notion about the social environment the movie tells about. The presented world is devoid of any kind of beauty.

After all, I accept the vision presented by Guillame Canet and James Gray. In spite of it's flaws, the movie presents the main plot in enough absorbing way to attract viewers. There is a tie between me and this movie, even though it is not as strong as it should be.

Reviewed by Adam Peters 7 / 10

Unremarkable, yet enjoyable slice of 70's cool.

(66%) A very convincing in terms of period detail crime drama featuring a solid cast and a decent character based story that satisfies through its toe- tapping soundtrack. Clive Owen has a truly fine on-screen presence and he's really great in this, and because he and everyone else are also good, along with the few nice bits of gripping and intense action, meaning that the undebatable flaws in the script, and a couple of minor issues here and there don't really matter that much. This will likely get seen by about half as many people than it deserves, but despite that, and for Mr Clive Owen especially, this is worth a very nostalgic trip to the cinema.

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