Freaks of Nature


Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 10604


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Mae Whitman as Jenna Zombie
Vanessa Hudgens as Lorelei
Ed Westwick as Milan Pinache
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomas Clement (Mr. OpEd) 1 / 10

F-Bombs of nature

Oren Uziel has confused F-bombs for dialog. Admittedly, some of the actors may have been allowed to ad-lib profanity here and there, but it all quickly added up to the point where that's all we heard. No one I know talks like this and I live in Los Angeles!

Loved the premise. Usually like zombie/vampire/alien movies, but this was tooooo much to put up with. Turned it off after 15 minutes.

Reviewed by supermaggie 3 / 10

Should have been a parable for tolerance - but is a propagandist offense instead

Here we go again. Hollywood (and the USA) once was a place of dreams, justice, truth and bravery,now it's a political issue, a vehicle for disgusting, aggressive, ignorant, intolerant propaganda to push the nationalistic (yes, like in N...) wish to be great again - or better to show itself better than any other nation. This should and could have been a fun and educative teen movie about tolerance, but instead, even in an Alien movie, Hollywood cannot not slander Europe/Germany by letting the Alien (which is trying to show them their intolerant, hateful ways - ironic) talk with a German accent, by letting the characters insanely chant "USA, USA..." and cheering about sustaining their intolerance, fighting off the person trying to show them their ignorance and intolerance and being as propagandistic as can be. If there is any Nazis/Nazi-like behavior, it can be found in Hollywood/USA. In violently trying to make America great again, Hollywood is successively destroying everything that once made America great, that people all over the world admired, who now cannot find any reason anymore to further defend such aggressive, arrogant behavior - other nations overcome their flaws, the USA broadens them and celebrates this approach. A shame.

Reviewed by Nicolette C 10 / 10

I just discovered this and it rocked my cult loving world

Using 80s nostalgia (and featuring Joan Cusack who is an 80's movie Queen) this movie jumps right into action in the opening seconds. In this world zombies are real and even attend High School wearing special neck braces that keep them at bay. Vampires and Zombies also exist and this is all the agreed upon normal way of life. Though, they don't get along well...and there is some violence (ahem) Until aliens arrive and they have to cut their own chaos in order to fight a common enemy. I love the actors in this and am a fan of Mackenzie Davis who was in a spectacular episode of Black Mirror (if you have not seen yet it is a must). I feel like she is a rising star and we will see a lot more of her.

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