School Daze


Comedy / Drama / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Spike Lee as Half-Pint
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bwhyte17 7 / 10

It's not a good movie because you didn't go to a Black school?

So what if you went to Harvard and not Hampton, this film is still well-shot, well-acted and damn funny. If you can't understand the light vs. dark, town vs. gown, Greeks vs. GDI conflicts, maybe you don't... under... stand... English... well. I never saw the movie in its entirety until I was about 20 (and pledging at an HBCU, but that's another story) but it just got better as I got older. This movie is like many of Spike's: it's for a group of people (Black ones) that rarely get to tell their own stories. If other people get it, super. On a sidenote, what's so "universal" about Dirty Dancing? I've never had to drop out of a contest because of my botched abortion that Lenny from Law & Order had to come help me out with. I've also never been a small, Jewish man in New York City, but people seem to find Woody Allen's movies "universal" enough. Why don't these issues come up with movies made by whi... (ahem) other filmmakers?

Reviewed by ceebeegee 9 / 10

Fascinating, flawed but compulsively watchable

School Daze is billed as a musical comedy but is better described as a comedy-drama with musical numbers as commentary--the only non-diegetic number is "Good and Bad Hair," Lee's all-girl fantasy homage to West Side Story that addresses colorism between the "paper bag-light" sorority Gamma Rays and the darker activist girls. Ebert wrote that this was the first movie he'd seen in a while where the black characters relate to each other instead of a hypothetical white audience--it is this that gives the movie its engrossing authenticity. (If it matters, I'm white.)

As funny as the movie can be, it's also incredibly hard-hitting--there's a sequence in the last 20 minutes where Julian, "Big Brother Al-migh-tee," insists his girlfriend "prove" her love, that's almost unwatchable and yet brutally honest. Lee has been called sexist for his underwritten female characters--there may be some truth to that but School Daze is far more critical of the men than the women. Rachel, Dap's girlfriend, is perhaps the most levelheaded, likable character in the movie, and is strong and supportive of Dap while still maintaining her independence. Even the Gamma Rays, who come off as shallow and colorist in the beginning, are sympathetic as they stand up for and try to aid the pledges during hazing. The characters who come off the worst are the GPG brothers who are, almost to a man, brutish, sadistic and crude. Julian in particular is unredeemable--clever, manipulative and almost sociopathic in his treatment of Jane. Lee supposedly based the movie on his observations at Morehouse and the movie stands as a scathing indictment against the black fraternity system and its abuse of the women's auxiliaries (aka "Little Sisters").

The movie has structural weaknesses (the ending is problematic and seems to come out of nowhere although it fits thematically) but its biggest problem is Lee's flat performance as Half-Pint (and, frankly, he looks a little too old for it). I love Lee's movies but his early tendency to cast himself in major roles was a real weakness--he's just not a good enough actor and his performance always jerks me out of the story. The rest of the cast is fantastic, though, especially Tisha Campbell as Jane and Giancarlo Esposito as Julian. Notice must also be given to Bill Lee's wonderful score. Ultimately it's a movie whose heart and imagination overcome its flaws.

Reviewed by JonTMarin 7 / 10

School Daze declares today's society must "Wake Up!"

(SOME SPOILERS) Coming off the heels of the successful "She's Gotta Have It", Spike Lee examines tension between blacks in "School Daze". When "School Daze" was originally released it caused an uproar in the African American community. African Americans accused Lee for "airing dirty laundry". A lot of this happened because "School Daze" showcases the tension between light skinned African Americans and dark skin African Americans. A lot of this true. This is seen more recently in music videos. A lot of models with darker complexion complain that women with lighter skin get all the spotlight. This has been going on for a long time in the African American community. This is seen in the rivalry between Tisha Campbell's character Jane and Kyme's character Rachel. They even get into an entertaining musical titled "Good or Bad Hair". The funny thing about that scene is that the darker women is in the group called Nappy and the lighter women is in the group Straight. This is also carried on in the feud between Dap (Laurence Fishburne) and Julian (Giancarlo Esposito). There is also a very thought provoking ending that is a must see (common Spike Lee trademark) With "School Daze" you get three in one, it's a frat comedy that turns into a musical that turns into a social statement. But nonetheless, this film is entertaining form beginning to end. Watch out for a lot of familiar faces, most of the cast went on to be huge stars.

School Daze- rated R *** out of ****

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